versus dreams I walked alone narrow streets of cobblestone Neath the halo of a street to my collar to the corn death when my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light split the night and touched the sound of silence alright guys welcome to another video this one are jumping right into it we’re driving around on the kaback country roads we found it looks like a house that’s been abandoned for quite a while as you can see it’s completely boarded up we’re gonna walk around though see we can find have a feeling it is open though online this house is labeled as a 2.5 million dollar ball so I don’t know what they mean by that maybe it was a lot of winning guy who lost all of his money and everything and the whole house went to crap but at this point we don’t really know but we’ll definitely check it out so here’s the garages all still open there’s a hole right there which would be where they oh it’s like a drainage this is whether you see work on their cars and stuff I’m assuming you can see it’s not much back there a little staircase to get down from the other side and we’ve got the primary house cobwebs everywhere CDs The Rolling Stones remembers Dan keep working there way over here definitely smells old and abandon us for sure glass broken out and a lot of these places unfortunately all the walls boarded up you tell it’s an old cottage looking house to its very cottagey looking somebody wrote they love me on the wall that’s very nice do you appreciate it thanks I love you too as you can see they boarded up all the windows we’re trying to avoid people I guess coming in and trashing it but fortunately looks like a lot of people have made it in here just quite sad keep working away check it out this is the dirt living room area and as you can see people definitely drink in here because there’s so Red Solo cups everywhere and we also got quite a bit of just broken glass of lunch of all kind all the walls smashed out as usual like normal like most buildings we go – here’s your front door entrance it’s funny how the front door doesn’t even have a handle it’s just a little pull knob something so simple for a front door then we got the back part going into the left smashed glass window mirror and everything back there and this is the part we walked around which is the kitchen area so the kitchen area that’s gonna see there’s not a whole lot left there’s still some appliances and some stuff in the kitchen seems to be sending nudes is the big thing that everybody wants to see on the walls here you got a solo cup as a ping-pong ball small little lazy susans in there two cupboard drawers cigarette butts ping-pong balls that’s where we came in we just walked around the living room area so we’ll work our way back down here we’ll check out this little room because I think this is where the bedrooms are now does your work your way here bathroom on one side roofs starting to come down there it looks like just a little bit onto the floor it’s one of the rooms very small rooms but nice little area you got broken glass all through it you got VHS tapes you got some weights back there you have a skis old skis and head I know as a ski company it’s ice to sell hence keeds way back in the day and on this side this is the third room as you can see it’s starting to go roofs are starting to fall down appliances and everything in there too little closet doors and we’ll keep working our way back I think they’re right I mean here’s the washroom we want to wash them on that yeah looks almost kinda like my part when I don’t clean of course the mirrors bathtub seen better days who knows what that is down I think something mr. toilet buddy the old old school sink I love that teal color green look looks wicked we’ll keep working away this way small little cupboard unit which in turn that little ramp means there is a basement here and that’s one thing you can tell if you ever looks through doors you can normally tell if there’s basements or not oh yeah it’s an open basement pans with this work her way down make sure there’s no animals or anything I’ll be looking at everything appears to be good lots of stuff down here still I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time down here it does smell pretty bad looks like there was the second bedroom down here also as you can see over here the second bedroom and there’s the window that they didn’t close up on this one didn’t bother like a little and of course I love the ceiling the one thing though is apparently that it is lead-based sealing that’s why it peels off the roof and the walls but of course not unless you’re spending hours and hours in somewhere like this I’m thinking their basement may have flooded in just for the fact that there’s your septic and all that and it smells very moist I guess and just wet down here but you get a washer and dryer another washer and dryer way back here we got their heating I guess units and all that kind of stuff a little woodworking bench they decided to work on a lot of Christmas stuff over here Kristen’s decorations old paint cans windows smashed out unfortunately there I’ll make the tiles little screws and all those little knick-knack toys pretty cool nonetheless so we’ll start working our way back up Oh as you guys can see Wow look at this guys take a side angle look at the back wall how bowed that is it’s bowing all the way in about three feet so eventually this whole back into the house is gonna give way which is kind of sad but hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what you guys think of this location it was just a quick walk through on her way that we did find I’m gonna take some snapshots and pictures post it up let me know what you guys think of it and what you guys enjoyed let me know do you think this place is also easily be able to be fixed up or is it pretty much gone to the point where there’s no point trying to fix it up now let me know what you guys think in the comments section below but let’s work our way to the next location 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