Today’s my last day of a six months assignment at the Corporate Center in The Hague. One of the things that I wanted when I arrived here, I wanted to become as Dutch as possible. So this means that i was taking the bike every day, while coming to the office and going back. It’s nice to bike for 20 minutes to the office, build up energy. One of the biggest lessons that I learned here is that when there is a plane ticket attached to your stay here, you tend to live life more intense. You tend to travel more, you tend to read more, to tend to taste more, so just to get a better glimpse of what it means to be in the country where you are. Soon, I will go back to Romania and my plan is to bring my knowledge and the Dutch culture that I acquired in these six months. I’m on my way to the office. It’s quite a rainy day today, but I’m sure it’s gonna be a great day. Let me introduce you to my colleagues. Here is Roxanna. Hi Roxanna. I’m very proud because she’s the newest student in the Aegon Analytical Academy This is Varden Hi! He has the sharpest sense of humor of the department and is the most beautiful person in our department. This is Julia. She is the youngest member of our department. Hi Julia. Hi. Let me to introduce you to Alexandra, she is the squirrel of the team, always eating peanuts, and also, she has the critical eye of the department. Aegon is a big company, with a lot of internationals, smart people and with opportunities like my assignment and that is why I like working for Aegon.