I’m a government official of state of Tennessee. I’m the State Treasurer of Tennessee, and have been for 10 years. The opportunity to make a difference is what attracted me to the FAF Board of
Trustees. The ability to simply be an input into the process—to support that process and reaffirm it with the local governments and state governments that they address. Our country today has the largest economy in the world and it is probably the most efficient and well-functioning economy in the world. And one reason for that is our capital markets of this country, and a reason underlying that is financial transparency and accuracy and all of those principles that our standard setting boards, the FASB and the GASB, are the principal input entities in terms of the standards that they issue. I want to support that in every way that I can. I think the perspective I bring to the Board of Trustees is primarily that of an academic. But the truth is I’ve been involved in standard setting for a long time in various roles. I want to be a part of the Board of Trustees because I’m a firm believer in independent standard setting. I think it’s the only way we can provide decision-useful information to people that use financial
statements. A key opportunity I see for the FAF organization is to try to figure out how we can contribute to the global financial reporting and I think we want to interact with our international counterparts in trying to better financial reporting around the world, which will also improve it here at home. The key challenge is how exactly to do that. We have to figure out what role we want to play and then position the organization to assume that role.