I was attracted to becoming a member of
the FAF Board because it’s a form of public service at a very high level.
After a career of almost 40 years, it just felt good to give back to the
industry. And to be honest, the quality of the Board is terrific. I’m looking forward to just being able to work with the Board members and the
staff. My perspective that I bring to the Board of Trustees is that of an investor.
But I’ve I’ve had a long career which is spanned preparation, being a user, and now-in a public entity-being a preparer of financial statements as well, so, I’ve
covered a lot of the the bases. I think that allows me to bring a sound
perspective to the Board. You know, I’m from a generation where I believe that GAAP is a starting point and the more you deviate from GAAP, the more likely it is that earnings are going to be reversed. Standards that work are
standards that reduce the tension that exists between all the constituent
groups that have something at stake in the setting of standards