Farmers in the Midwest of the United States
are starting to understand that Donald Trump’s bailout, that he’s offering them because of
how badly his tariffs have hurt them, the bailout’s really not gonna do a single thing
to prevent massive economic losses and possibly the loss of their entire way of life due to
the massive tariffs that he put in place. Here’s what farmers in the Midwest have recently
been saying. They’ve been saying that it’s not fair, I’m
a corn farmer, yet most of the benefits go to soybeans, which China’s the biggest importer
of soybeans from the United States so they get most of the money. Well that’s not fair to the corn farmer over
here, whose goods are also being taxed to hell and back with tariffs. He can’t sell them. They’re losing more money and yet they’re
bailout is only a couple pennies per bushel. That’s not enough to help them survive. It is the same with other crops. Wheat in the United States, that’s also been
hit pretty bad with tariffs. They only get a couple cents per bushel. That’s not gonna put these people back on
easy street, it’s not gonna help them feed their family. It’s not gonna help their farm survive and
that’s what they’re now telling reporters. Even soybean farmers are saying that what
the administration has offered and what they’re trying to do is not enough to fix what Trump
broke. And that’s the important thing. Trump broke it and they know it. And while there are still plenty of them out
there who say I’m willing to die for Donald Trump’s trade wars, more of them aren’t. More of them want to preserve their way of
life. You know, fourth, fifth generation farmers,
one day their kids are gonna take it over. This is their way of life. This is their culture. It’s the only thing they’ve ever known. It’s the only thing they want to know and
they’ve made a pretty good life doing it. Until Trump came along. He single handedly destroyed so many small
farms here in the United States, and when I say destroyed, past tense, it’s because
yes, we have already had farms in the United States have to close their doors. Shut down because of this. They shut down before the bailouts came. Even now with the bailouts, that’s gonna cost
U.S. taxpayers 12 billion dollars, they’re telling us that it’s not good enough. It doesn’t do enough. It only helps one small group of people and
to be honest most of that 12 billion dollars is probably gonna go to those conglomerates,
excuse me, farms out there. You know, the ones owned by the big corporations. So it’s actually more of a corporate bailout
then anything else. But let’s keep pretending that it’s gonna
help the small mom and pop farmers out there, who hire four or five farmhands each year. Oh, but also don’t forget that we’ve cut back
on the Visa Program from the federal government so they can’t even get their temporary seasonal
foreign workers to come over here anymore, so even if things were working as normal and
we didn’t have the trade wars, they still wouldn’t have enough workers to actually do
the jobs on their farms. So, yeah, American farmers are getting it
from both angles here and they understand and hopefully will hold accountable the Trump
Administration for doing this to them. Because every single ill that these people
are facing right now comes from a policy put in place solely by Donald Trump and his administration.