(light music) – Hello, everybody. I’m attorney Carmen Dellutri, and I wanna talk to you today about something that’s
kind of heartbreaking, and that’s what happens when
somebody loses a loved one, and it causes that person to consider filing bankruptcy in the future. Let’s face it, loss of an income is gonna devastate any family unit, but when a person dies
you have that immediate, I guess kind of emotional worry, but then the worry about the future, and in these cases it may be wise, believe it or not, to
consider filing a bankruptcy shortly after the loss of a loved one because of the financial impact it may have in the future. And I can tell you a quick story. I ran into a person one time who didn’t file bankruptcy but used all of the family’s savings to try to preserve certain things, because they knew their spouse wouldn’t wanna sell the house, but they liquidated all
the financial security they built up over a 20 year marriage to save the house which they
never should’ve tried to save. That caused the bankruptcy
filing years later, but after wiping out all the financial security they’d built. So I tell that little
story for two reasons. Number one, that when you lose a loved one you have a lot of
emotional issues going on and it’s not the best time
to make a good decision. But number two, financial
planning for the future is what you do, and you wanna preserve those finances, so it may be wise to sit down with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, figure out these issues so you make the best legal decision for you and your family. Again folks, I’m attorney Carmen Dellutri. If you’ve recently lost
a loved one, I’m sorry. If you’re worried about finances come see us at the Dellutri Law Group. We offer a free initial consultation to anyone considering these issues, and worst case scenario, you leave with a plan going forward. So thank you and have a good day.