Hi, I’m attorney Jeff Sirody. Sometimes
bad things happen to good people in Woodlawn and you find yourself behind in
your mortgage or worse you’re so far behind that the bank is threatening
foreclosure I have to help a lot of people in Woodlawn get out from
overwhelming debt through bankruptcy and I can help you too many federal
employees like those who work at Social Security or the CMS headquarters in
Baltimore ask if bankruptcy will affect their job status first the good news is
they cannot fire you if you file for bankruptcy. In fact, it’s illegal to
terminate employment on the basis of bankruptcy alone and this applies to all
federal agencies and any employer second. Security clearances are not generally
affected by bankruptcy either but you should reveal that you’re taking this
step for full transparency taking this step may actually help you and your
clearance since you may be on better financial footing and better able to
deal with your job with a clear head. If you’re a federal employer just want to
discuss your situation give me a call at 410-999-8000. Set up an appointment to come see me I will sit down and personally review your
situation. It’s very easy, I’m in Pikesville at the beltway in
Reisterstown Road with free parking, so I’m close to Woodlawn. We’ll sit down
and talk, and I will explain how I can help wipe away tax debt. I’ve helped
thousands of Marylanders and I can help you. My Fresh Start initiative will help
you get through bankruptcy and re-establish your credit as soon as is
humanly possible. You’ll save your home and I know you
will thank me. Please get the Fresh Start you deserve. If you need help call me at
410-999-8000 or visit my website FreshStartLaw.com
get the Fresh Start you deserve. I can help you if you live in Woodlawn or
anywhere in Maryland. Thank you