Hi I’m Lisa. I’m with Three Angels, Haiti. We are in La Gonâve, an island off Haiti. And we’re distributing Bibles today
with Global Point Ministries. It’s awesome to come, bring the Word of God
to these young children on this long journey. Here we go, it’s in adventure! It was real important for us to come on this
trip to just experience with Global Point
handing out Bibles to people who have never and would never own one otherwise. We’re all very excited to hand you Bibles
today. Anybody else, Creole? Yeah. Yeah. And while we’re preaching the Gospel
the people cannot read. It’s really important a lot of people here
in Haiti learn to read by the Bible. AMEN! So now they have, we’ll teach them how to
read and they have the Word in their hands. So it is a win-win situation. I’m very grateful that we’re able to
as a team, bring these Bibles to these children. So to get that in their hands and to learn
the truth to be able to see just how much God loves
them was real important to us. I just want to say thank you
from the bottom of heart. We trekked up the mountainside and
broken vehicle and here we are and it was worth every bit. Donate now, cause this is an adventure!