one of the things that were talking
about when it comes to the dow jones and the world-wide financial crisis is that
back in two thousand eight stock market penny dot com understanding that the bloom from the housing market was going to have bust is what it would look like and are thirty-six
month model we’re approaching a thirty six month
model c_n_n_ the uh… it will be three six months in marks and within that thirty six month to
model their work periods of times over here in two thousand nine where we have put the lausanne and we ran and weary leverage the market injected
just about everything we could and every social program around worldwide governments had an extremist
and everything that everybody get fitted up to this point with a major crisis at hand now this was all the band in effect that we
sat and that there would be consequences the federal reserve calendars from the u_s_ structure through the various components around
the world house society’s change the financial systems arbor didn’t get what yet that we had talked about back in two thousand six and two thousand and seven we know that what started over here could in-depth here they could indeed right back here where
the breakout was these were the areas were we were however now that were appa crisis point once
again the super committee can not make a decision right now what does that mean well guess what worldwide markets outside of the u_s_ are act he’s again just as the financial crisis was right over here
in two thousand mine this super committee right now is going to have to come out during a
holiday week and a teach-in worldwide market further
down and the debt crisis could reach extremely high levels and if we don’t set the stage correctly
here in the united states then house arrest of the world going to
deal with their problems right now understanding that the global financial platform that the world insists on today is quite different then it was twenty years ago or even ten
years ago or thirty or fifty years ago or seventy five years ago the problem is because of the amount of
debt and the lack of visibility we could end up collapsing on the dow at
the super committee does not do the right thing this takes
you to know holiday week beauty and all the way back up here and we could have a major sell-off
worldwide at the united states shallow any leadership they have to show
the leadership but you know what they have to come to agreements that are going to wear for the united
states economy and its society and worldwide societies in the financial
system are acting up all over the world right now ravin problems throughout the united states of america
in his homeland with people protest scene kind of things are going well you wouldn’t have these severe problems what the concern is how to those problems escalate and the actual societies as we
understand them today and where are society is in its financial capital system as lives under it operates under and that’s what live is about in the u_s_ and one that is coming to a
jeopardy what does that mean the behavior inhumanity trains use children riding very the risk on behavior humanity as we know
it when things are going well people are very friendly around us and things like
that but when things are going very well and people are being kicked out of their
homes just like bulldozers random over are not having their jobs and people are feeling the fresh tration of a failed a
government government when it’s not doing the right thing or
things are an acting right well then it’s general society’s around the world
does that matter society in the world it is it dissolve affected the very same way
and that’s in the financial crisis when financial crisis is are going to ask the lady certain things
are going to happen and that’s where things get bad and one
must prepare themselves and how do you do that well at the dow it they don’t do the right
thing they don’t want to come all the way down there’s a lot of money to be
made in bear plans there’s lots of money and be adverse
three x a_t_f_ there’s lots of ways that you you to take care yourself and make it a bit the greatest way i wanted to make money by seeing people suffer around the world within the financial
capital systems that are on a whole will platform and how that carryover from the saline
ones carryover into the u_s_ productivity anne u_s_ corporate earnings happens to those ernie they go down that they go down in value because worldwide financial advance increase within the various structures around the
world and societies is bad things diminish and that means that each country any every society is going to be looking
out for its own best interests as we move forward in the two thousand twelve
up to two thousand and twenty and as each year goes five building i’d
progressively impact the system that worker really under
cannot bear to much more there must be some kind of changes and here we are going into a major period of time world why did the inside of portugal
grease each shipped right now you’ve got your italians you’ve got your
europe you’ve got all your country singer
societies there that are being affected humint behavior
you’re human behavior within your society will change in a way that the more that people feel that
they’re being abused or more that is taken away from them no more on a real or he reached they will be gone when its relative to the dow jones and the collapse remember the market was over here now the u_s_ banking system is not
nearly as much trouble as the european baking system nor do you believe system and
your the ireland system in order for school
system or germany or france handing melinda our financial system has had time to
repair during the two thousand nine in the two
thousand ten rally up to the highs here but the problem is there a vote very
much at risk wired address and look here and this is where it all started in the u_s_ down here in the dow and we were here traders hold move up and the problem that we have now what we
take a look at these panel train lines this is a long term coming right through here and and this is a weekly chart so let me show you the super committee doesn’t do write
worldwide market skin cells down that would trigger a lot to stop losses
in the market people would be selling out of extreme fear and capitulating and
a short side of the market would be paying all the money at the cash
register has that scenario could happen i’m not saying that it happens right
away there are trying laughs capture liquidity injections in the capital
system you generally teams yet at least a six-month through a
nine-month forward-looking favorable puri that time where you put the band-aid on the track but then the bandage gonna come off
again later on its inevitable that it’s going to need a lot of stitches and even then that might not help however it’s very important that people
understand in a collapse such as the super to me committee and washington d_c_ i’m not saying that
they’re going to do that i hope that they can do good together because it’s about time the educated people that they are and that this kind of training that
they’ve had well calls we will be applying however stringent this is not happen there is a consequence in the financial world program the world and the people that want to learn more
about it sending emails to influence project that
mean that car there is a away for you to survive in that kind of on the other hand that they do well and
we get things going well well then people act differently and that changes the environment so there is upside to everything at the house can get put in order then every place around the world can
get put in order but they get that is on top of the world to get them out of debt vote right now at all of that marker had to be called in at one time they couldn’t pay and i tell you the truth that they can’t
we’ve known it for a number of years and that initially it would could
potentially cause the charge is very clear the diagonal trend line is from the two
thousand nine lower right here this is about two thousand eleven top on
the week which are coming right here were an estate tax this is a longer uh… about trade for this calendar year
if we break below what will we have a long ways to go down substitute for committee committee does an actual right we couldn’t get right about twelve
thousand six hundred and some change on on here and if we break that going to nasa
narrow web a long ways to go back down and i can tell you that financial crisis needs to be addressed so that we can be the ones who set the example and that’s why the dallas is that a at very high risk outside of all the chart analysis is
everything you want to do it’s going to come down on one thing if we’re going to go higher have a
healthy environment the u_s_a_ that we need to start getting a house in
order the super committee that’s coming out this week i can tell you right now that markets will that they don’t sell
off that day it will come a few days later a month later whatever the case is but they’ll be allot and turmoil in the
financial markets at the super committee in the u_s_a_ does not come to a conclusion this weekend postponing it is not good enough