The first tip for attorney
videos is to do it now. Even if you don’t have the
budget, just do it now. Order up a tripod from
Amazon, put your phone on it, do it, get in front of the
camera, start practicing it. Get it out there. It will have a massive impact on your ROI. The second tip for attorney
videos is don’t do a commercial. We’ve worked with a lot
of clients that have made some very high-end videos, but they come out like a commercial, and people don’t engage with commercials. So don’t make a commercial. The third tip for attorney marketing is target your practice areas. You should have appropriate
video targeted to each and every single page of your website with representative information
on every single page. If someone wants information
on a certain topic, you want to be able to
provide that to them. If your client is interested in DUI and reading your DUI page, give them information on DUI. If you’re a bankruptcy attorney, give them information on bankruptcy. All your practice areas of your page should have appropriate video targeted to the respective user. The fourth tip to attorney
marketing, introduce yourself. You need to be the one
in front of the camera. You’re going to be the one
that they’re going to hire. They need to meet you. By having them meet you in advance, you end up becoming, they can
have a connection with you and a significantly higher probability that they’re actually going to call you, and then, if they come in, to hire you. And the fifth tip to attorney marketing is to provide useful information. Your value as an attorney
is your knowledge. If you share that knowledge, you become the authoritative resource. When they trust you know
what you’re talking about, your probability of a contact,
and thus an eventual hire, goes up exponentially. We have video that will
explain in more detail how you can maximize
your potential contacts from your website.