My, name is Andrew. H griffin the third i have been an attorney licensed, by the state of California for over 35 years when you or your businesses are threatened By, overwhelming debt there’s no better time to seek the professional assistance of an experienced california bankruptcy attorney Law offices of andres griffin the third was established in 1983 the purpose of helping individuals and business owners throughout california Eliminate debt or overcome their debt through bankruptcy We can, help you reorganize your debt and reclaim your life Our firm is dedicated to helping client to understand the debt relief options, when they have been faced with, financial hardship for chapter seven 11 or 13, we have been able to help our clients save their homes and their businesses, while ultimately regaining control of their finances During a confidential consultation, we can, help you understand how. Bankruptcy can benefit your situation whether or not you, own a business Individuals who do not own a business but but Do not qualify for chapter 13 because of debt income limits often file for chapter 11. Bankruptcy This, type of bankruptcy allows a debtor to keep the his or her home car And other property, through the restructuring of his or her debt a Reorganization plan is created that will make the individuals monthly payments manageable Business owners who are facing serious financial problems may, also file for chapter 11. Bankruptcy You’re, going to allow Owners to keep operating, their businesses or they begin to pay back their commercial debt this can be done by reorganizing Business expenses another Associated debt into manageable reorganization plan it also provides an opportunity for owners to reevaluate their business plan, and make changes that will increase sales in Addition both individuals and business owners can benefit from the automatic Stay that filing for bankruptcy merely initiates the automatic. Stay will stop creditor harassment foreclosure proceedings Repossession liens losses and other collection activities this is andrew griffin a third at andrew Griffin lofts calm, today we’re helping. You understand the bankruptcy process if you, want to learn more about bankruptcy go to andrew griffin law office Com2 get a free copy of my, book