my name is Caylin I’m 12 years old and
I’m grade five and I I live in Delft my street name is Tall Boss and I come here to
learn of painting and drawing and all that stuff hi you join us here today for our A Reaching
hand art therapy project that we are running in Delft community for very
underprivileged children since its holiday they would not have any
opportunity to doing any activities other than hanging around on the streets
probably not get any food and there were more children than we expected who
showed up today but we made a plan we put them outside
because it was fortunately sunny today we are very happy that there are some parents
here participating as well children something that’s very very important
and we rarely see that We are now currently doing it once a month but we hoping to do it at least twice a month when funds will allow us Hi whats your name? Hi my name is Chad, my name is Charlene Kiana, my name is Aiden, my name is Sontay And what would you have done today if it wasn’t for this session today I would probably be knocking on peoples doors running away being doing naughty stuff cause I’m a very naughty boy I would just keep me busy cleaning the house and washing the dishes and when I’m done with that when I’m done with the dishes I clean my room cause in my house we only like do nothing like clean or change the rooms do you wanna show me what you painted today, whats that? a chicken, a chicken that is so pretty do you come here to the art program often yeah would you like to
come more often yeah we hoping we can have this this
art project happening more often so you can practice but doesn’t look like you need
much practice but it’s always fun drawing hey? you