Forex trading strategies. The best forex
trading strategy. FX Trading. Please like this video it helps the algorithm and you can visit enter in your email address and receive over $400
dollars worth of valuable free training information. The best forex strategies
are to not trade forex. Forex trading is a complete scam and many of you guys
have noticed that I am very critical of day trading and I believe that zero
percent of day traders over the long term make money in fact in a recent
study that was published out of Brazil I think was published in August 2000
nineteen they equated day trading to playing roulette at a casino the longer
you do it the more money you’re going to lose and the I think it was like the
0.3% so meaning meaning like three out of a thousand people who are profitable
and who don’t lose money by trading Forex those people actually make less
money than a bank tellers so I think that they make less than minimum wage
now forex trading is actually worse and the reason is that there’s significant
and substantial counterparty risk meaning that there is a high likelihood
or at least a decent likelihood that the broker is trading against you or the
broker is going to be insolvent and he’s actually going or the broker is actually
going to steal your money so you’re not really dealing with legitimate
brokerages who are clearing your trades I know that Interactive Brokers is very
legitimate you can trade Forex with them but most of the major brokerages like a
Schwab fidelity II trade TD Ameritrade they do not allow you to trade in four
acts at least to my recollection or to my knowledge so again day trading you
will be profitable around point three percent of the time but if you’re lucky
enough to be profitable consistently like those point three percent you will
make less than minimum wage forex trading is even worse with the
heightened leverage and also with the counterparty risk your your chances of
actually being profitable and making enough money to sustain yourself are in
my opinion 0% so all of those fake gurus who are telling you that you can trade
Forex because there’s massive leverage they are lying to you
they are fake gurus who are trying to separate you from your money
they are playing upon your inherent greed to turn $200 or $500 into fifty
thousand or two hundred thousand dollars and you are going to lose all of your
money David Jaffee with Remember the best forex trading
strategy is to not trade Forex at all. Do not trade Forex. You will lose your money
it is worse than day trading please leave a comment below like this video I
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to help you and I appreciate your attention