[Begin Video Van Horn Law Group Fort Lauderdale
Bankruptcy Lawyer Reviews]>>CARLOS (Client): I found myself paying
more than what I could on my credit card balances and it was a very hairy situation, I needed
to find a solution so I searched and came here.>>HOWARD (Client): The best thing about working
with the Van Horn Law Group is that he’s very caring he listens to your problem, he searches through the problem that you’ve got
and you work with it from there.>>JENNIFER (Client): The team at Van Horn
Law Group got me out of a lot of hot water and I tell you what, there’s not enough I
can say to thank them.>>CARLOS: The way that they make me feel.
It was basically the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff
starting with Debby, then Martha and then Terry finally, I mean the team was fantastic.>>HOWARD: Why I would recommend them:
I’ve got a few friends that have been through similar problems as mine
and even today after everything is finished they are still complaining
about not getting the right deal or the right thing.>>JENNIFER: I did attempt a few other lawyers
to help and it didn’t work out the way it should have.
So I came back to Florida and went with Van Horn
and it was the greatest experience I’ve had.>>CHRIS (Paralegal): Anybody that’s interested
or needs any type of financial assistance I strongly recommend coming out for a free
consultation speaking directly with Mr. Van Horn.
The morality of our firm, how many people we actually help out.
From beginning to end, the process of having our clients walk in as family
having them leave, creating relationships for years to come.
It’s amazing in itself just to be part of the team.