this time so they aren’t our fuck you bite
jack threats for the way when you go to the issue of of of social security whether they’d like to run the personal security
effort that many times on just about out of the frog is on fox business he’s got jeff flake who’s
a republican arizona is edges and chavitz a republican from utah now i watch the whole
saying we’ll show you a small part of it and the same into a camp colony about of social
security does the work we have the immediately change this system we have to be able to opt out you’ll see some
of that year and do you agree all flake and travis so i
got in social security starts but said it as quickly as possible right now for the people
over fifty five but you know preferred for both of the others the come on let’s hurry
up and just go steal their money so now gig i brought a couple lives on top
here let’s watch that pork i think people understand that uh… nineteen
fifty there were about sixteen point five workers
for every retiree now they’re just western free and you can continue to provide entitlement programs like
like that and ten thousand baby boomers retire engines such as security every day of the week that’s gonna pack with this system in a couple
months at the backgrounds just to throw in a couple of my three hundred riches we need
to change the equation basil and getting into exodus types of things
you can’t do that what’s wrong with suggesting something that senator barry goldwater when
suggested which is that participation himself security
americares should be voluntary you don’t make a contribution in your use you don’t get the benefit in your old age
than all the ability to participate are if things go badly which happens alive are out there starting the streets of what
we do we laugh at them i’m i’m sure box would at a loser on the we decided we don’t want
that kind of society that we want to society where we’re still are and we plan ahead and we have people invest throughout their
lives at that and we give it back to them that has worked for seventy by years we don’t have senior citizens dying in the
streets we we take care of our or were community we
work together it’s totally working of course robot was one of destroyed you should be hit i’ve heard the whole segment uh… you know it’s terrible it’s just been really abolish it as soon as possible you
know what the ball donna said is that all will be out of my coppola marks live here you know how long uh… social security is perfectly solvent pays one hundred percent of its bills till twenty thirty-seven okay problem on stilts one p ready seven hatch twenty-six years from now and they said all no we didn’t anticipate
as all these baby boomers retire we’d anticipated live here nineteen eighty-three bigger commission like you know commissioned by reagan initially and the guy
with the commission was greenspan they anticipated that the baby boomers will be coming they collected a lot of money upfront to be
able to pay those guys and it worked that’s why social security right now has a
two point five trillion dollar surplus but you’re not going to hear that outbox because they want to rob you of that two point
five trillion dollars and put it in their back pockets and so is jeff flake and sodas jason trafficz and i love the idea of robbing
your social security you you get you give them a little bit more
power again the senate give the president see what happens we showed you could guess today on fox news
where the okamoto was lying about op so disappointed they didn’t destroy medicare
this timer it so i guess what the waco after twenty four but was it a little bit more power and they’ll
take your medicare trip all of the two most popular an effective programs in america these guys are criminals men jack president spots for t likely there are
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