hello and welcome back to make money online with Ate Jinky and I’m back again with another video. I’m going to share you guys this new
application where we can earn free
stellar lumen, so it is just like the
free litecoin game and and free ripple game,
and this another app the free stellar game,
only one made them the coin world company. To register guys just put
your coinbase email here to start as early as possible this app guys is the
same as my previous videos-the litecoin
game and the ripple game. Let’s withdraw to proof that this app is also legit so let’s check our
coinbase account guys so, it came really fast and instant. And now, guys let’s play the game.
So, it’s easy all we have to do is click let’s play and
then we will gain xlm or Stella Luman and ofcourse Ads will pop up and
we just need to exit that and then do the same thing. So, it is easy. Now guys our energy is empty
what we need to do is just click Do you want extra energy?
click it now and then Ads will pop-up after that, it will refill our energy and you can play again. And for our tricks
guys just like our free litecoin
and ripple game so that we can earn more lets just proceed to our storage or apps and
then clear all the data to refresh all the saved data so that we can log in again with another coinbase
account, so click ok. Guys create more
coinbase account then log them all, play another game and withdraw.