Hey guys In this video I’m going to show you how to withdraw your satoshi balance in this website And of course I’ll show the proof that you will
receive it to your preferred bitcoin wallet I’ll provide two account
withdrawal transactions on this video One from my second account and another from my main account Before we start I just want to thank all my subscribers and everyone who watched all my videos And if you’re still new on my channel Please subscribe to be updated on my weekly uploaded videos Please help me grow my channel and as an exchange I’ll do my best to provide you the best videos with proof on how to earn in crypto world Watch until the end because at the end of this video I will give you 3 important tips that you should know before withdrawing your satoshi in this website Now, let’s start! I’ll start the withdraw
transaction on my second account which is currently open here in my virtual machine As you can see I currently have a balance of 73,474 satoshi in this account I will not withdrawal all my satoshi balance I just want to withdraw a certain amount of satoshi that will turn my current balance into 30,000 satoshi In this withdrawal transaction I’m gonna use my Ledger Nano S as my bitcoin wallet You can also choose and search in Google all the available bitcoin
wallet out there for your storage If you want to convert your satoshi
into fiat money such as US dollar you can use the coinbase website or if you’re here in Philippines you can use coins.ph I’ll make a separate video for that in the future but for now, I’ll stick to my
ledger as my bitcoin wallet This is my wallet and as you can see it has no satoshi balance yet I’ll go back to my FreeBitcoin account and copy my satoshi balance I’ll open my notepad and paste it here Since I want to have a remaining
balance of 30,000 satoshi on my account I’ll just minus thirty thousand to my current satoshi balance which is 73,474 satoshi The answer will be the
amount that I’m gonna withdraw which is for this account it’s 43,474 satoshi I’ll copy this amount and click the withdraw button For withdrawal You can choose between the AUTO SLOW and INSTANT withdrawal transaction Take note that the minimum withdrawal amount for this website is 30,000 satoshi If you choose AUTO all your satoshi balance will be automatically withdrawn every Sunday and as of this time, it will charge you 3,000 satoshi for the transaction fee Remember that this fee can change anytime Your satoshi balance will be
sent to your default bitcoin address If you wish to change your bitcoin address you can go to your PROFILE and click CHANGE WITHDRAWAL ADDRESS then put your bitcoin address here and it will then ask you to input your password and two-factor authentication code if you enable it If not, I highly advise you to enable it
for added security to your account Let’s back here in withdrawal option You can also see that there’s a countdown below for the next payout or withdrawal transaction If you don’t want to wait until Sunday just to withdraw your balance you can choose SLOW which is according to this information here it can take up to 6 to 24 hours before
you can receive your withdrawal amount As of this time the transaction fee is 1,600 satoshi but it can change any time Lastly, if you really want to instantly receive your withdrawal amount without waiting 6 to 24 hours you can choose this INSTANT option which will only take 15 minutes or less but it has a very expensive
transaction fee which is for now it is 6,800 satoshi I’ll choose slow for this tutorial Before proceeding to withdrawal transaction I will open first the calculator then paste my withdrawal amount here click minus and copy the current transaction fee which is 1,600 satoshi then I’ll go back here in calculator and paste it here then click equals The answer will be the final amount that I’m going to withdraw to ensure that I will have a remaining 30,000
satoshi balance after this withdrawal transaction which in my case now it’s 41,874 satoshi I’ll copy this amount and paste it here You can see that the amount deducted is 0 since I already deducted the
transaction fee to my withdrawal amount The next step is to go back to my ledger app to copy its bitcoin address I can do it by clicking this receive button and click copy then go back to the website and paste it After pasting it it’s a good practice to review the address to ensure that they are the same You can review the first 5 letters and last 5 letters of the address if they are the same then you’re good to go After reviewing it you can now proceed to the withdrawal transaction Since I’ve enabled my two-factor authentication I need to put the verification code here then I click the withdraw button A success message will pop up that will inform you that your payment request is successful and it will be sent out in 6 hours So all you need to do now is wait You can see that your pending payout
and the amount that you withdraw will instantly display here You can also see that I currently have now a remaining balance of 30,000 satoshi which is expected Now, I’m gonna wait for maybe six hours
to receive my withdrawal transaction My current time now is 12:25 am so I expect that I will receive it in 06:25 am Well, after a couple hours of waiting the pending payout that was displayed here earlier is now gone So maybe I assumed that I already received it in my ledger wallet You can also see that I have now
additional 93 satoshi in my account since I’m still collecting my free
satoshi every hour while waiting So now I will open my ledger wallet app then enter my pin here to access my account then I’ll choose bitcoin and click segwit We can now see that I already received 41,874 satoshi today at exactly 04:56 am so it takes 4 and half hour before receiving it to this wallet but the status is unconfirmed It is still okay since I’m
100% sure now that I will receive it so I’ll just wait for another minute or maybe hours before it will be confirmed in blockchain While waiting we can go back to the website then click the withdraw button then select SLOW The current transaction now is 8,254 satoshi As I’ve said earlier the transaction fee can change any time so I’m lucky that I withdraw my satoshi when the transaction fee is still cheap Now, I’ll open again my ledger wallet to see if the status is now confirmed Well, we can see that the unconfirmed status is now gone So that only mean that it is already confirmed and I’m very sure that I’ve already received the amount that I’ve withdraw from FreeBitcoin website For the second video I’ll withdraw using my main account In this account, I have 134,789 satoshi and I want to withdraw all of it I’ll copy my balance then paste it in calculator and click minus I’ll then click the withdraw button then go to SLOW I’ll copy the current transaction fee then paste it in calculator and click equals I’ll copy the result and paste it here I’ll go to my ledger app again and copy my bitcoin address As you have noticed my Ledger’s address has
changed compared to the address that I used on my second account This is one of the best feature of ledger wallet It has a feature of changing its public address after every transaction to protect my account from being
used to other unknown transactions I’m planning to make a tutorial in the
future on how to use this ledger wallet So, let’s proceed now I’ll copy my new address and then paste it here Of course I’ll review the address first before confirming my withdrawal transaction Then, I’ll put my verification code and click withdraw I’ll refresh the website to update my balance then, I’ll wait again for a few hours My current balance in my
ledger wallet is 41,874 satoshi and it should turn into 175,063 satoshi after I received my withdrawal amount I currently have no remaining balance now and what I’m planning to do is from 0 satoshi I’ll try reaching 100,000 satoshi
without depositing any amount I’ll go here in my PROFILE and you can see that my user ID is 10890539 I showed it to you to prove that I’ll be using this account for
my plan to reach 100,000 Satoshi There can be no account out there
that has the same user ID as I am since this user ID is a unique ID I’ll go next here in my STATS then I’ll click this PERSONAL STATS I scroll down to the bottom and you can see that I have only done one deposit transaction here which was done last January 1, 2018 worth 23,604 satoshi It’s really good because I just deposited 23,604 satoshi last month And now I’m able to withdraw 133,189 satoshi in just a short period of time Let’s proceed to my plan I’ll click FREE BTC and collect my first ROLL for this challenge I hope that I can reach my goal without depositing any amount even it is very hard If I will be successful in this challenge I will upload it here and I’ll share what I’ve done so that you can also do it After a couple of hours I’ll open my ledger wallet again It seems that I’ve already receive it since my balance here already changed from 41,874 to 175,063 satoshi I received it at 12:27 pm so, it just took almost 2 hours before receiving it to this wallet which is amazing! It also displays here my transaction last January 25 I’ll go again in my PERSONAL STATS Then scroll down You can see that my withdrawal transaction already displays here The date is different since I think that FreeBitcoin website is using different time zone And here’s my withdrawal amount As promised I will give my tips before
withdrawing your satoshi in this website You have a choice to do it or not since this is just my tips For my first tip It is good that you’ll withdraw big satoshi amounts or maybe at least minimum of 100,000 satoshi Take advantage of the cheap transaction fee
to send big amounts to your preferred wallet since this website will not charge you based
on how much satoshi would you like to withdraw If you will withdraw small satoshi amounts you’ll always pay for the transaction fee and you will receive small satoshi amounts only Second tip is about choosing the right withdrawal option Remember that in withdrawing your account you can choose between AUTO SLOW and INSTANT Choose AUTO if it satisfies all these criteria First criteria is If you want to automatically
withdraw all your satoshi amount as long as you have the minimum
amount of 30,000 satoshi Second is If its current transaction fee
is cheaper than the slow option There are times guys that using
AUTO is a good option because it usually has free or low transaction
fee compared to slow option depending on the current price of bitcoin so if that happened grab that opportunity to receive big satoshi amounts My last criteria is choose AUTO if you are just minutes or hours away from the countdown to next payout or if the current day is Sunday Next option is SLOW Choose SLOW if it satisfies all these criteria First is If you want to withdraw specific satoshi amount as long as it is minimum of 30,000 satoshi or higher Second is If its current transaction fee is
cheaper than the AUTO option There are also times that choosing
SLOW option is a good option since there are also times that its transaction fee is cheaper
compared to the AUTO option just like what happened to my
withdrawal transaction on this video Last criteria is Choose slow if you want to withdraw immediately without waiting for the countdown to next payout which is available every Sunday only Last option is INSTANT Choose this if it satisfies all these criteria First is If you want to withdraw
specific satoshi amount of at least 1 million satoshi or higher And lastly If you want to immediately receive what you have withdrawn from this website without waiting for how many hours My third and last tip is Enable your two-factor authentication This is a thing that many users
don’t pay so much attention This is very helpful guys for protecting your
account from hackers or phishing attempts since they can’t access your account and they can’t withdraw any amount
without having those verification codes So those are my promised tips to you guys You have the choice to follow it or not It’s your own choice but I highly recommend that you follow all of it I made 2 withdrawal transaction
from FreeBitcoin website and I received all of it So meaning guys this website is 100% legit It is one of the best bitcoin faucet website out there so if you still don’t have an account yet create your account now I’ll just put the registration link in the description and start earning your satoshi That’s all for today guys If this video helps you please click the like button leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button to notify you on my newly uploaded videos like this Thanks for watching See you on my next video