This year in World of Tanks, brave adventurers embark on an
Expedition to search for rare vehicles. The reward they may gain along
the way inspires awe and respect. The Object 777 Version II, the Char Futur 4, and the AE Phase I. Such treasured steel
is worth a trip to hell and back. Eight Expedition Stages await. Four will take place in Frontline,
and the other four in Steel Hunter. And you’ll be able to venture
to Dreamland in August. Frontline will be available
as early as March 9. From March through June,
four Stages await, each one week long. Frontline will be unavailable
in-between these Stages. The rules are
well-known to many of you. Battles take place
in Tier VIII vehicles in 30 vs 30 on the Normandie
and Kraftwerk maps. One team attacks.
The other team defends their territory. Both maps are divided
into three fronts. At the battle’s start, 10 vehicles from
both teams are deployed to each front. The goal of the attackers is to capture the bases in zones to
reach the high-caliber gun turrets. The attackers win if they
destroy three of the five turrets. The defenders must
prevent them from doing so. The attackers have 12 minutes to breach
the defenses and eliminate their targets. Capturing bases
adds extra time. To occupy a control
point in the second line, the attackers must control the base
in the first line of the same front. The more points the attackers
control in the first line, the faster they can capture
points in the second line. The rules are the same
as those in Random Battles, but with a couple nuances. Hitting a vehicle
inside the capture circle does not reset
the capture process. Rather, it halts the
process for a few seconds. To completely
stop the capture, all enemy vehicles inside the
capture circle must be eliminated. Once a point has been
captured by the attackers, the defenders must withdraw or else
be destroyed by a massive airstrike. The attackers must capture at least
two points of any one of the fronts before they can attack
the high-caliber gun turrets. The turrets’ frontal armor
withstand all hits from any gun. To damage them, they should be
attacked from the flanks or the rear where the armor
is much thinner. In Frontline, the battle doesn’t
end when your vehicle’s destroyed. You’re sent
to the respawn screen. Normally, from here you can
select another vehicle and front. But now, for the first time ever,
you can pick one of the deploy areas. They change depending
on the battle’s status. The attackers may have
up to four such points. The defenders can have up to
six, including those in the rear in case the team needs
to gather in one place and repel an attack
on a specific turret. If a deploy area poses
a risk of encountering the enemy, it will be indicated
with a special mark. This new feature
allows greater flexibility when choosing the deploy
area so that you can consider your vehicle’s parameters,
the battle situation, and tactics. Up to 12 vehicles can
operate in the same front. At the battle’s start, each player
has a single vehicle in reserve. Another vehicle
is added every five minutes. You can save up
to two respawns. Special Resupply Circles are
placed in certain areas of the map. While inside such a circle, your
vehicle’s hit points are restored, modules repaired, ammunition refilled,
and crew healed from any injuries. Whether you are
attacking or defending, you will find
Combat Reserves equally useful. In total, six types
of such reserves are available, but only some of them
can be taken into battle, depending on the
type of your vehicle. Artillery strike deals
damage inside an area. Engineering helps capture a point
faster or defend one more effectively. Inspire grants a bonus to the
major qualification of a player’s crew and any allied crews
inside the area of effect. Recon Flight helps
reveal enemy activity. Smoke Screen, by contrast,
conceals allied movements. Airstrike delivers a bomb drop, but
this reserve has been slightly adjusted. It’s less effective
against heavy tanks, but now it can cause significant
damage to lightly armored targets. The square area of effect as well
as a shorter bomber arrival time will help catch even
the most agile targets. Both maps for Frontline
underwent balancing tweaks. On Normandie, the defending team in Zone B
can repel attackers more effectively. At the same time, point C will receive
some extra cover that attackers can use. On Kraftwerk,
more structures were added, while the landscape changed a bit. This will give the attackers more
opportunities for successful assaults. If you have no Tier VIII
vehicles for Frontline or if you have too few
for a reliable respawn rotation, you can rent a vehicle. As before, the T-44 FL
will be available for credits. It is now accompanied
by the T32 FL. Both vehicles now accept crews from
vehicles of the same type and nation without the need
to retrain or suffer penalties. 10 more premium tanks
can be rented for gold. All vehicles are available
from the first day of Frontline. Tanks are rented for a single Stage with
the option to extend the rental period. The gold spent on rentals
goes into a special fund that can be used as a discount when purchasing the original
version of these vehicles. In Frontline battles, you can
earn ranks from private to general. They determine the amount
of Frontline Experience required to increase a level
during an Expedition Stage. There are 15 levels in total, and you will get a reward
for reaching each of them. Combat Reserve Points, credits,
Directives, Personal Reserves, and Bonds. After level 15, you will gain
access to special daily missions that, if completed, reward you
with Personal Reserves and Bonds. The faster you reach level 15, the more missions you will
be able to complete within a Stage. Increasing the
reward you will get. You start every Stage of both
Frontline and Steel Hunter at level one. There is no way of returning
to the previously achieved level. At levels five, ten, and fifteen
of every Expedition Stage, you get a special Token. You will be able to earn
12 such Tokens in Frontline, and just as many in Steel Hunter. These can be exchanged for
the main reward of Expedition. The Object 777 Version II,
a new Soviet heavy tank. The Char Futur 4,
a unique French medium tank. Or the AE Phase I,
a four-tracked American beast. In eight Stages of the Expedition, a total of twenty
four Tokens can be earned. This is enough for two of the three
vehicles, so choose your reward wisely. Advance to the Frontline,
earn Expedition Tokens, and don’t miss this opportunity to get
a unique tank after the fourth Stage. The Expedition has just begun!