Namaste. My name is Elisabeth Avery and I am from Little Heffley Lake, British Columbia. Namaste. My name is Isabelle Chan-Emery and I’m from Coquitlam, British Columbia. We are reaching out to you today from Kathmandu, Nepal, where we are currently on a cooperative education term working with Friends of Shanta Bhawan. FSB is a non-profit medical out-patient clinic that provides primary subsidized healthcare services to over 30,000 impoverished people a year. Our role at FSB is to observe the current state of the clinic, to implement strategies to improve the efficiency of different departments, and to provide insight on on health and clinic promotion. Our primary goal is to help the clinic achieve stability in order to continue serving the Nepalese community by giving them access to basic medical care. When I was 12 years old, I joined a global movement to help make positive change within our world. I was inspired by Craig Keilburger, the cofounder of Me to We. At 12 years old, he sought out to help end poverty and child exploitation, through making access to basic healthcare, food security, clean water and education a right to all people around the world. I joined the movement alongside fellow students, teachers, parents and more, and started fundraising for projects both locally in Kamloops and globally in Kenya and Ecuador. Since then, I’ve had the chance to travel to impoverished villages in Kenya and India and now I’m in Kathmandu. My journey throughout elementary school and high school has shaped who I am today and led me to pursue a degree in Neuroscience at Simon Fraser University. With my experience and education, I hope to pursue a degree where I can continue to help make change in my community. Through personal and professional experiences as a Kinesiology student at Simon Fraser University, I’ve been able to see first-hand the challenges that various illnesses and disabilities create for people. Over the past number of years, I’ve witnessed my grandmother regain motor skills after several strokes, a patient learn to walk again after surgery, and my mom recently beat cancer, to name a few. These positive outcomes would not have been possible in the absence of quality medical treatment and the caring support from others. I found myself here at FSB, in the heart of Nepal, because I am a firm believer that everyone, regardless of their social or financial status, should be given equal opportunities to access basic healthcare services. In addition to this current experience, I hope to follow a career path where I can continue to be inspired by new perspectives and promote health equity around the world. With 29% of the population falling below the poverty line, Nepal is ranked as one of the poorest countries in the world. Malnutrition, disease, and child mortality rates are high. For every 1000 babies born, 34 die before their 5th birthday. Conditions such as tuberculosis and lung diseases are a public health concern and many cases remain untreated due to unaffordable healthcare services. FSB aims to host a health camp every year, to reach those who are unable to afford even their subsidized services. At the health camp, community members will have access to treatment such as antenatal care, vaccinations and doctor check-ups, free of charge. Since our clinic is non-profit and non-governmental, the health camp is put on in honour of generous donations. In past years, a health camp has provided medical care to over 300 patients in a single day. The resources are very limited here. We cannot admit, we cannot keep the patients for longer durations. We see lots of antenatal check-up pregnant women, but we have to send them to another hospital for the delivery. Clients, they are requesting to have such facilities. The facilities should be here, so that they don’t have to go to another place for the delivery. We serve the needy ones whose basic right is health, but they are left neglected because of their financial and social condition, and this is a great opportunity for us all, if we can support for this health camp. If you want to get involved, you can help us by simply spreading the word about this life-changing organisation. If you want to make an even larger impact, you can donate or help raise funds towards a health camp or new medical equipment. Every small step makes a big difference, sometimes in ways we can’t imagine, so join us in being a part of this positive change.