another marketer and we are in a very
important update about my future at pro business or future net and wow man this
company’s blowing me away you know I deserve this company you know what I
mean I deserve this company to fall into my lap because it’s it’s legitimate it’s
just it’s backed by real products I mean you know I’ve come I’ve been in this the
revenue share industry for quite a while now I mean two years is yeah about two
years – yeah yeah going on two years now and unfortunately you know I I made good
money I made decent money when I came across it you know I I went through the
pitfalls of everybody else you know honest it man trustworthy owners
la-de-da-de-da but I never understood why revenue shares would fail and I
always thought it was just a speed thing a thing I thought it was these things
that that was the reason why these platforms failed and so I kept going in
and in and in and in and then in and out in and out of them right and I made so I
made good I always came on a plus side and that’s because I’m a marketer right
and on a market but the the reason why most of them failed collapsed and shut
down because they were built on the wrong business model they were not built
to last they were built to fail they’re all built to fail an impossible business
model to run a revenue share is built off nothing but I pax ID pack purchases
so that is it took me a while to understand that like I honestly didn’t I
thought it was a speed thing I thought it was a growth thing I thought it was a
a recruiting thing like all these these factors and why they are failing but no
it’s the actual business model the business model was not built to last and
the owners who created these these platforms knew this they knew that this
is why they would eventually fail and future ad pro futurenet futureadpro future net future adpro the reason why and I’ll tell you right
now the reason why revenue share models fail is because they’re not built off
real products there’s actually no revenue coming in right so to give you a
quick in layman’s terms if you’re paying out you know one hundred and twenty
percent one hundred and ten percent how are you gonna pay out the profits on
those attacks after they mature if you don’t have any actual product products
producing that outside of attacks purchases right so your your your
business model is built on a hundred percent ninety five percent whatever
ninety nine percent of the revenue revenue is generated from ad pack
purchases let me show you right now okay let’s say we have a hundred ad packs and
with one hundred okay ten ad packs that are worth $100 each Jake 20 percent
profit on each of them so one hundred and twenty dollars let’s just say 120
days 120 days for maturity okay so even if at a hundred and twenty days if there
is actually no revenue produced outside of iPAQ purchases the company cannot
cover the profits do you understand and that’s even if after they compound and
doing all that stuff even if they withdraw and deposit
you’re still not paying out the profits because where’s that money gonna come
from it can’t come from any other source other than our packs because if you if
you’re trying to payout just that I have pack purchases where’s that money
gonna come from thin air right so the models built on taking these people’s ad
packs purchases and paying out these people so it’s basically a ponzi cloaked
cloak-and-dagger with you know revenue share I mean the
traffic rotator you know clicking ads and stuff right so in a nutshell 99.9%
of these revenue shares that you come across and I’ma warn you let you know
they’re now they’re all gonna collapse they’re all gonna break down and they’re
designed that because over doesn’t matter what you do to it doesn’t matter
what you say if you’re building the model around that model it’s gonna
collapse so why is future ad pro so special okay future at Pro was built on
real products and services before it was a revenue share so future a probe is
actually a branch off a future net future net is the company Nate the king
the daddy of the company right future I Pro is just a branch of it of multiple
different products so all this revenue future ad pro futurenet futureadpro future net future adpro let’s let’s take future I Pro out of the
out of the equation right now you have all these revenue coming in you have an
affiliate portal a car port or a travel portal an advertising portal a social
networking portal they also have an MLM portal or matrix portal they have all
these different streams of revenue coming in and there’s like a hundred
thousand people or I don’t think it’s like sixty to a hundred thousand I don’t
know the exact number active people promoting and generating revenue for the
company already successful built off real products that were already launched
prior to feature on pro now future net launches the brand new future ice pro
ingenious because it’s now it has all this extra revenue coming in right so it
doesn’t matter how much profit they pay out which is 20%
the cover that 20% profit with all this
other money right so they’re not it’s not a Ponzi it can’t it’s not a Ponzi at
all because they can use this actual revenue which the company was built a
hundred percent off real products and pay the profits on the ad pack purchases
that’s why it’s sustainable that’s why it will be here for the next 10 20 years
what’s elaborating what you know you understand the concept here right so the
next launches for future out Pro they’re launching a cryptocurrency coin and
they’re launching their own Bank future ad pro futurenet futureadpro future net future adpro intelligent very intelligent business
owners I gotta give it to them my hats off to them that I’ve been in this
industry for a really long time this company will change newbies lives I mean
you can literally you only have to recruit you just come in with a strong
startup thousand two thousand dollars if you got five thousand dollars per five I
put in fifty five hundred dollars so far all right so you know what I mean I I
trust this company right if you got a strong startup come in with a strong
start up you know disclaimer here you know I’m not giving you financial advice
okay I’m just telling you what I did this is what I’ve done I believe in this
company you know and it’s the reason why I believe in is because it’s built off
this crazy infrastructure so update time okay so now you guys got a clear
understanding of what future future our Pro future net is amazing let me go into
my update okay so we are at 162 ad hocs times $60 because 20% profit on a $50
purchase to $60 so 60 times 160 to 9700 $20 boom that’s crazy man right now so
let’s say it’s it’s it’s growing at about 70 to 80 this is 70 to 80 50 times
3 to 50 it’s just wait one sec here let me
the math here two by three eighty three cents per day so let’s say two eighty
three cents so eighty three cents per ad pack is around what it’s maturing I’m
just estimating it right now times one hundred and sixty two so this
is what I’m making each day $134 per day and all I got to do is click this right
here watch and watch 10 ads 10 30-second future ad pro futurenet futureadpro future net future adpro ads were did I get earnings based off my
hot packs it’s not an investment platform they have a you know if you
understand revenue shares you contribute to the traffic per traffic the traffic
network watching 10 ads and people buy traffic utilize the traffic for
promotion of other products I made it for the money though right I mean who
doesn’t what I just click 10 ads per day make $134 American a date for doing that
it’s no brainer right my teens growing nicely
this business is yeah the god-sent I mean I’ve been through a
lot in a revenue share industry I thank God for coming across this company
because man I tell you it’s just a breath of fresh air to all for something
so powerful to people to my peoples to people who follow means and say hey yo
man this is this platform can change your life
so yeah click on the link join the team if you got funds you know come in hard
with it let me know if you want a sales page I got a sales page too if you got
if you’re coming in with a strong startup get a hold of me and I’ll give
you I’ll give you an idea of how to market this product both on YouTube
through the Facebook to attract other customers other people who want to join
both to make money for men and to promote it all right click the link
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