You could try to go pro se what we say
just by yourself, but you’re gonna miss out on so much potential recovery, you
know. These are specialist defendants have been, if you follow a lawsuit, anyone that you’re gonna sue for asbestos has been defending these cases for 40 years now, 35-40 years. They develop avenues to defend these cases that work sometimes, I hate
to say it even though they’re liable they have hired some very good defense
firms that defend these cases and are very good at it and made a lot of money defending these cases and stoping people from getting money. That’s not even talking about the
trust, I don’t know how an individual person would ever navigate the individual
trust. We have so much internal knowledge that we have been there since day one
when the trusts were established, that we have the knowledge and the ability to do
that so, I would never ever recommend. There are certain cases where people can
defend themselves or can follow a lawsuit as far as asbestos goes, is highly
complicated and technical you’ve got certain burdens you have to meet. In Alabama we have something called post ’79, we have to show exposure after the united ’79, we have to show sufficient dose of exposure, You have to bring an industrial hygienist
from the pulmonologist it’s a lot of work to pursue an individual asbestos case. We love it and we have a system in place to do it before an individual person. If it
was my mother that came to me and said that I have an asbestos case, I would never let her
pursue it on her own, it’s just not feasible, that individual person is not going to get
what they deserve if they try to go ahead on their own.