hello people hate going today today I’m
gonna show you just banknote from Germany
DC’s a one Mac Bank issued in 15 September 1922 as you can see the date
you say okay it’s issued by the Reich’s sure whatever
darlings cursor shine you know not too sure organization that is but they
obviously don’t know exist and they actually issued ever banknotes before it
is even in 1800 this is a green ink on green paper they do have everyone so I
have like a blue ink on grey paper in all to ever ones I can’t remember off
memory so damn below his signatures of the issuing authorities and as you can
see there it’s printed on paper with flowers there’s a watermark yeah just
this banknote so on the back is the same thing and here’s some legal advice there
to use jail for counterfeiting mm-hmm so when this banknote was issued Germany
we’ve just started to enter the hyperinflation face in 1922 and quite
frankly there was really no point issuing this banknote in mid 1922 the
value of the US dollar was 320 marks and and in today’s value that would have
been thirteen point nine six US dollars so that makes one current dollar of TFS
17 English 22.92 max which will make the value of this nine four cents of 2017
value say she knife for since can’t buy you anything
mmm in Australia we got rid of the one enticing coin sir blows he’s five cents
but in the United States they still have the one cent coin which obviously costs
more min then it’s face value in the same situation will be this banknote
back inna 1922 obviously would have costed probably about four cents five
cents to mint no to print this banknote so yeah it’s really use or not worth
printing at the time you couldn’t buy anything and there’s hyperinflation
start to take off they wouldn’t have circulated for long
in later on I’ll make smoking have a yo sauna our inflation banknotes ended in
nineteen twenty okay thank you very much for watching this video if you liked you
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