And turning to Europe, the German parliament
overwhelmingly passed a third crucial bailout deal for Greece worth around 95 billion U.S.
dollars. After two hours of debate, lawmakers voted
454 to 113 for the rescue plan, with 18 abstaining.
They had to interrupt their summer holidays again to discuss the deal.
During the session, the German finance minister urged parliament to give Greece a fresh start. ″In view of the fact that the Greek parliament
has already passed a large part of the measures, it would be irresponsible not to use the opportunity
for a new start in Greece.″ There was considerable resistance within German
Chancellor Angela Merkel′s own conservative lawmakers.
But, with support from other parties including the Social Democrats and the opposition Greens,
the parliament ensured the approval of the bailout.
Greece is now moving closer to paying back its debt of 3.5 billion dollars to the European
Central Bank.