We were in a situation where we were never
really good managing our money. What happened is, I lost my job. I had been there for ten
years, are we realized that we were going to have a very difficult
time making our payments on our bills because my salary was already larger
than his and um… i recall a friend of ours, she had mentioned your company before and um, she said that it was wonderful. At that time I immediately started calling companies when I knew I was going to lose my job, um… credit card companies, letting them know we not going to be able to make these payments probably. I was uh… kind of guilty of, you know, running up all the credit cards… so yeah, it was, that she didn’t know about a lot of them, so when she realized all the debt it was accumulated it was uh… it was bad. I take blame that I never stepped up to the plate and said, you know, this is important in our marriage, in our, our overall goal of life. Going from, you know, one income and then down, our level of spending didn’t come down
with it. Two companies were just, were not negotiable, and that was when I came to you. and um… you were like, “We can take care
of this for you, we can help you out.” When you’re talking to friends and they ask you uh… “How are you doing?” and you say, “Why, I’m
going to go talk to such-and-such a company to help me out”, they’re immediately like, “Oh, well be careful because they have all these hidden fees or charges.” And I said, “No, this is a nonprofit organization.” I think people are are afraid to give up their credit cards, and their sense of credit, and they feel like you have a sense of value because
you have credit. Once that’s gone, and you realize you can live without
them, then… it’s just it’s just is just a different way of adjusting and brainwashing yourself to
say, “you know, I don’t need that.” What it did, for us, is it forced us to have to work on something
that we didn’t like to do together. But it brought us much closer together, and it brought us in a new understanding about money.