I work for St. Vincent de Paul, through
my Church, they have uh… sites for everybody to go to for help. You know, obviously, we help people. And one the things was ClearPoint. One day
I was sitting here at home and I looked at that stuff and I said, “Oh man, I’m
in trouble.” I didn’t have any money in the checking account to pay a couple of bills with and I said this has got to stop. I’m in way over my head, I had way too many credit cards, and I went in there, and I talked to her and uh… she told me what I needed to do: gather up all the bills and everything and bring them to her. I had no idea what is was, how it worked, or anything. She said, just don’t worry about it, bring everything up here to me We’ll go through them all. She made all of the phone calls and got the interest rates, i guess, locked in at six percent, instead
of whatever, you know, they were. She came up with a number and she said the fact that I had
so many of them, she said it’s gonna be 1600 and
maybe $5.25 a month. And I said, “Woah”. But you know, I said okay, if that’s what it’s going to take to do it. She said, “in five years you will be out of all this debt.” And what I did was I took my social security check, which comes on the second wednesday of the month, and I said, “I’ll do a direct deposit to you– that whole check.” She probably took off from
there and she said, “Don’t worry about anything.” I paid back ninety thousand dollars
in five years. I have no problems now. I pay my bills, and, I mean I still got a couple credit cards
and I use them a lot more intelligently than I did before. I’ve
learned a pretty hard lesson. You know, ninety thousand dollars in five
years. I’m not living from paycheck to paycheck. You know, I’m not independently wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but I got extra money if I need it.