I suppose that most Christians know the Bible
verse Romans 13:8 It says; “Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another.” But
you know most Christians are in a LOT of debt. They like to say there is good debt and there
is bad debt. They like to say you have to go into debt in this world in order to make
some money. They don’t believe in the power of Jesus. And because they don’t they are
doing everything BY THE FLESH. They graduate from high school and go to college and suddenly
they graduate from college with $50,000 of debt. They buy a vehicle and then they are
in another $15,000 of debt. They buy a house and they have a mortgage payment, it puts
them in another $100,000 or more of debt. Then suddenly all the things that they presumably
own, IN REALITY OWNS THEM. They are working for all their possessions, rather than for
the Kingdom of God. This was also the story of my life. Before I was following Jesus I
was in a lot of debt. Somewhere around $150,000. I graduated from college with debt. I got
married and my wife and my wife had debt. I had a vehicle payment. I had a mortgage
payment, and I was even in debt to the church. I had all this and every single month my money
was going to all of these payments. I was also able to come up with enough money to
pay my tithe to the church. But you know God is NOT pleased with just 10%, He wants our
ENTIRE HEART, ALL of our obedience. In reality He wants everything to be going to HIM, and
if you have a lot of worldly debt, you know where your money is going? It is going to
the world, it is going to everything that owns YOU. It isn’t going to the Kingdom
of God. When Jesus called me to follow Him, He also called me to get out of debt. You
know, I didn’t seek after a get-out-of-debt program. I didn’t sign up for a gimmick
or anything like that. I know there is such things. But instead I just prayed and I pleaded
with Jesus. I said; “Everyone who thinks I’m following a false god, (you know they
say that I am following a demon), all of them will mock me if I go into more debt. All of
them will mock me if I say I am following the TRUE GOD and I’m not able to pay these
things off.” So I just pleaded with Jesus. I said “HELP ME!” And you know what? Within
a VERY short amount of time, about a year, ALL of my debt by the power of God, every
single cent was paid off. I didn’t owe the church anything. I didn’t owe the bank anything.
I didn’t have a mortgage payment, nothing like that! And by the power of the Holy Spirit,
everything I have and own, everything I am goes to Jesus, for His glory. If I make money
it goes for Jesus. It’s not about paying 10% to a church. But it is about GIVING EVERYTHING
TO JESUS! Not being in debt to this world, but loving the Lord your GOD with ALL your
heart FOLLOWING HIM AND OBEYING HIM and loving others AS YOUR SELF! If you truly love Him
YOU WILL FOLLOW HIM! You won’t be like these Christians who are in all this debt to the
world saying; “It’s good debt, plus we have enough money to give 10% to a church…”
It’s just wicked. You need to give your entire life to Jesus and then through the
power of His Holy Spirit you will do great things, you will do the impossible. But first
He has to liberate you. You got to get out of sin by the power of GOD, you got to get
out of debt and bondage to the world by the power of GOD. Don’t let anyone tell you
it’s impossible or that “Oh, you got to go into good debt in order to make more money;
it’s a business technique…” NO, you got to listen to Jesus! Don’t be owned by
this world. Don’t let sin own you. Don’t be a slave to sin or a slave to mammon. Don’t
serve money. Don’t serve possessions. BUT SERVE JESUS! OBEY HIM, AND BE SONS AND DAUGHTERS
OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD! Cry out to HIM. Go on your knees and plead with Him, ask HIM
what you have to do and HE will show you. May the grace of Jesus be with you.