We have actually defined 5 Target audiences
that cover the breadth of the market. If I have to choose one main target audience. I would say the guy behind me. A guy we called Roman and we defined him as
a unique Persona. For all our target audiences we describe what
they do in the daily life, what they enjoy, what they want. And he’s the type of guy who is into the fashion
and culture and Hip-hop music culture and sneakers and Urban streetwear. We developped a product called Base+. Which really tries to address exactly that
need of having something which is Big Ball Base, sleek modern utilitarian, but can go
with his street wear, as well as his office wear. Yeah, it’s something like I said, you know,
he wants a product which he can wear all the time and that is unique for him. That really suits and complements the rest
of his identity which is you know, sort of modern street wear and urban design. So I think one of the strengths of the real
strengths of the Philips brand is obviuosly it is very well known. But I think we’re very well known as a trusted
brand. People know and expect a level of quality
from us. So if they see my product on the shelves,
they going to get that that great quality. Quality of the product itself. That it is not going to break; a great design
and great sound. That is essentially I think why people like
our brand.