girls gone wild has filed for chapter
eleven bankruptcy because apparently john francis eliza at steve wynn and not
being in spain ten million dollars and he doesn’t want to play uh… but so far according to a statement released by
girls gone wild actually not in financial trouble in fact is the exact
statement they say girls gone wild remain strong as a company in strong
financially the only reason that girls gone wild has
elected to file for this reorganization is to restructure its frivolous and
burdensome legal affairs is that even on legal is our card saying i have done
very surprising you can just be like to know what we’re doing fine financially
and then you like brag about it doing is not what i have to pay is steve
wynn the ten million dollars that we don’t have the applecare well the new
contributed should disable everybody in the new at but i don’t know anywhere from bankruptcy and i would like to make money you know i think that the judges who
have to rule on that brian so i think its own little excluding than they think
it is that it’s a little it not as the xia processes just put that
for bankruptcy so i went sounds internalized five today doing well financially this is just my
speculation and the reason why i say that is because who oppose girls gone wild dvds these
days or provides dvds are not like i i i feel like who pays for booms when there’s a thing called the internet
these days exactly i’d feel like and you know sum frances is just being a group
here well then what the cabinet have ever but let me tell you
that quickly wifey those uh… steve wynn money which shows you
that he’s even more of the then he prox anne where so basically archaeology steve wynn two million
dollars after gambling it is a casino in vegas and losing right uh… and steve wynn was like dude you
gotta pay back the two million dollars that’s going on so he filed a lawsuit
against him noun while that lawsuit was happening i’d jump francis told uh…
you know the court steven wayne had threatened to kill him
that he had threatened to hit over the head with the shuttle and ended up on
the desert and bury him reading the jury have found out that now this is
completely false steve wynn sued for defamation and he walked so that two billion dollar lawsuit
turned into eight twenty million dollar ruling by the jury the jury asked him to pay or demanded any peace
steve wynn twenty million dollars for defamation of
its ruthless what it is a for soldier of dresses to
be fair to was a genius and the first place right behavioral shamir test that i get the
money dates let’s recall what it is just a short
exile and drunk women isn’t great great this is what is your capitalists right
and he promised i would have to assume in so it is what it is in give credit
where credit is due right that he turns around and is the dumbest
at the planet i mean first of all losing two million dollars
in a casino well played nicely done it became a that’s kind of this so stay
with us only having bill that would right education sector it was the eight million personal spots
playing slots you’re probably wasn’t of anywhere that perfect approach so it seems to million dollars in anything i could not up to see them how you could
turn into a million dollar laws it took twenty million dollars let me get to it god that is so problem so will inquire a but that is a report that the middle of
part of her they groups in new york bad wanted
anything you know that bad annida but then what is is this green
run amok them some liking in money when he was
gambling radio all the money in the world at the time it said would be no we lost a great and
remember he said over three hundred days in jail because attacks of age seen one of the others i was not only
have a is it worth it isn’t worth the time he has you on top
of the world pages ’cause you’re a little extra
greedy you were spent all the time in jail all your money because you were shamrock so met the best of times the worst of times joe francis and i’ll show the two of them