My name is Rumana Kabir I am from IMC
worldwide a uk-based organisation at the moment I am the trustee of GNDR Jesus Cordero: Rumana what are the impressions for you for this first day Well I got really energised to see all the vibes, people are really willing to share their experience and there is so much to learn, people from Maldives, Mauritius, Guinea So I am learning so much from other people, so I am really happy to be here Jesus Cordero: Tell me something that you have learnt today? The problem is that, everyone has got the same problem you know How to engage the local government because we are all civil society members here and their biggest challenge is that they really have good ideas, they want to make a change in their own context but how you can scale that up? It’s all about collaboration no matter what hat you wear It’s about how you engage the government, how you scale up all this good work the GNDR members are doing Jesus Cordero: And overall what are your expectations for the Summit? My expectation is to help the civil society members collaborate and scale up their good work because they are doing really good work on the ground in their own context But how you can use these little experiences and scale them up at global level As GNDR entity we can advocate to the UN To the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risks Reduction (SFDRR) so that is my objective how we can scale up the process of integrating communities and the local government Jesus Cordero: Could you tell me about the session that you find relevant to your work I found mainstreaming of climate change and Disaster Risks Reduction (DRR) funds very useful because we know that there is a lot of fund out there for climate change adaptation but the big challenge globally what I find from my personal work as well is to integrate the DRR management fund with the climate change adaptation fund so that is the most important thing I have learnt