and as he entered into a certain village
there met him ten men that were lepers which stood afar off and they lifted up
their voices and said Jesus master have mercy on us and when he saw them he said
unto them go show yourselves unto the priests and it came to pass that as they
went they were cleansed and one of them when he saw that he was healed turned
back and with a loud voice glorified God and fell down on his face at his feet
giving him thanks and he was a Samaritan and Jesus answering said were there not
ten cleansed but where are the nine there are not found that returned to
give glory to God save this stranger and he said unto Him arise go thy way thy
faith hath made thee whole and behold there was a woman which had a
spirit of infirmity 18 years and was bowed together and could in no wise lift
up herself and when Jesus saw her he called her to him and said unto her
woman Thou Art Loosed from thine infirmity and he laid his hands on her
and immediately she was made straight and glorified God Psalm 3
Psalm and song at the dedication of the house of David
I will extol thee O Lord for thou hast lifted me up and has not made my foes to
rejoice over me O Lord my god I cried unto thee and thou hast healed me thou
has turned for me my mourning into dancing now has put off my sack cloth
and girded me with gladness to the end that my glory may sing praise to thee
and not be silent o Lord my god I will give thanks unto
thee forever he sent his word and healed them and
delivered them from their destructions all that men would praise the Lord for
His goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men and let them
sacrifice the sacrifices of Thanksgiving and declare his works with rejoicing but the e may know that the Son of man
hath power upon earth to forgive sins he said unto the sick of the palsy I say
unto thee arise and take up thy couch and go into thine house and immediately
he rose up before them and took up that whereon he lay and departed to his own
house glorifying God thy people also shall be all righteous they shall
inherit the land for ever a branch of my planting the work of my hands that I may
be glorified whoo so offereth praise glorify of me
and to him that order of his conversation aright will I shew the
salvation of God and Jesus departed from thence and came nigh into the Sea of
Galilee and went up into a mountain and sat down there and great multitudes came
unto him having with them those that were lame blind dumb maimed and many
others and cast them down at Jesus feet and He healed them in so much that the
multitude wondered when they saw the dumb to speak the main to behold the
lame to walk in the blind to see and they glorified the God of Israel now therefore our God we thank thee and
praised thy glorious name all nations whom thou has made shall
come and worship before thee O Lord and shall glorify thy name for thou art
great and doest wondrous things now what God alone I will praise thee O Lord my God with
all my heart and I will glorify thy name forevermore when the Lord shall build up
Zion he shall appear in his glory he will regard the prayer of the destitute
and not despise their prayer this shall be written for the generation to come
and the people which shall be created shall praise the Lord sing unto God a kingdoms of the earth
all sing praises unto the Lord Selah to him that ride earth upon the heavens of
heavens which were of old lo he doth send out his voice and that a mighty
voice a scribe east strength unto God His Excellency is over Israel and his
strength is in the clouds o God thou art terrible out of thy holy
places the God of Israel is he that give us strength and power unto his people
blessed be God Psalm 97 the Lord reigneth let the earth rejoice let the
multitude of isles be glad thereof singing oh heavens and be joyful o earth
and break forth into singing o mountains for the LORD hath comforted his people
and will have mercy upon his afflicted glory to God in the highest and on earth
peace goodwill toward men be thou exalted O God above the heavens let thy
glory be above all the earth be thou exalted Lord in thine own strength so
will we sing and praise thy power