-Hi Guys! We are here with Gabriele Bianchi Winner of the Goat Championship Series Vol. 2 held in Milan at Casa Dei Giochi He went 5-1 in Swiss, right?
-Right. Then he won the Top 8/Top 4 and the Finals! (In a mirror match) -What did you play?
-I played Goat Control; -Why did you make this choice? -Cause I think this is the best deck to play, Cause it doesn’t suffer specific Side Choices. -Ok, I like it. Let’s see the list then! -It’s a very “Classic” list: 1x BLS; As Light monsters:
2X Parshath;
2x Magician of Faith;
2x Magical Merchant; For the dark ones I played:
2x Mimic LVL 1; Really nice cards as starters, but during Mid-Game, I often found myself with too many FLIPS in the hand, so I will take one out in the future. -And instead of that what would you play? -I play at 41 so I wlll just take it out. 2x Tsukuyomi; 1x Breaker;
1x Sangan; 2x Abyss Soldier; 1x Tribe; 1x Sinister; Soldiers were really really strong and very versatile; I was unsure whether to play DDWL or 1xAbyss Soldier, at the end I chose them and I don’t regret it. -So you found them more useful then Blade Knight/Asura? Cause people tend to play them a lot more cause they are light. -Yes totally; Trinity; 3x Metamorphosis; 2x Scapegoat; 2x Book of Moon; 2x Nobleman of Crossout; 1x Typhoon, Burial, Snatch and Storm;
Pretty Standard. For Traps: 2x Sakuretsu; 2x Dust Tornado; Torrential, Mirror, Call of the Haunted, Ring. -There’s something you would like to change from the main deck other then mimic? -No, not really. Side Deck: 3x Jujitsu; Very very good, I wasn’t sure to play 3 but in the end it was very good. Mostly cause I dueled vs 3 Tiger Stun. -We saw that the deck is played a hole lot in this period. Also it got various top so it’s very good to play something vs Tiger Stun. -I also played 2x Mobius, that I didn’t liked very much. Cause vs Aggro decks tributing is not that good. One time it was resolutive, but I’m not sure yet. 2x Swap, 1x Scapegoat; The Swaps were really good, while the Scapegoat could be replaced by something better. 3x Dustshoot and 2x Mind Crush; Really good; Mind Crush can be a little useless without Dustshoot, but in the match-ups where I play them I can wait one turn. -So you play them vs specific deck or always when you go first? -I play them vs Chaos especially vs the Turbo version. And Vs all combo decks. 2x Seven Tools; At first I tought about playing decree but I wouldn’t side decree vs aggro decks cause I don’t want to lose all my battle traps. So I preferred Seven tools and I like it even if it’s less versatile. -So you played it to counter opponent cards but to still maintain cards like Sakuretsu,TT ecc -It was good, but many times you find yourself with less LP vs Aggro decks so it’s something to take in account. -What were your match-ups during Swiss? In Swiss: Two Tiger Stun; Two Chaos; One Goat Control; Can’t remember the last one (:D) Top 8:
Tiger Stun; Top 4: Chaos And in the Final a mirror match. -So we revealed that the Final was between 2 Goat Control. Finally we see that more people that chose to play this deck cause, as Gabriele said, is the most versatile and can give really good results if you get to know the format. Last words or thanks you want to do? -Thank you, to the one who helped me testing and who helped me with ideas and teches. Mimic was never a card I tought could fit in Goat Standard cause I always think of it as a Chaos card, but since I saw some lists tgat played it I decide to give it a chance and they are very good. At leas they can be revaluated. -Perfect! Thank you Gabriele and see you all at our next event!