I don’t think I’m a bad driver, you know,
I don’t think I’m malicious. I’m not going like 30-40 miles over the speed limit. Sometimes I’m just trying to get somewhere I go a little bit faster than normal. Everywhere you go is some type of fee or
some type of violation. It’s like you have to be so overly cautious about everything. You know, because if you’re not, you know, you’ll look up and you’re on this downward spiral of tickets. In the midst of me trying to get
the money to afford those tickets, they would double. so if I couldn’t afford initially, you know how can I afford it if it doubles? I know I stay in the city and a lot of people take public transportation, but a lot of my work, you know, I can end up in Elgin, in Schaumburg, and Bolingbrook, in different places Rosie is my 2010 Nissan Versa. I call her Rosie because she’s red. Having Rosie in our lives is very important and essential to my everyday life Bankruptcy is a band-aid for my problems. Did it help me dramatically? Yes. But it just shouldn’t have to get to this point. Not over tickets. Another one of my awesome speed violations. Do I put gas in my car to get to work? Or do I pay this ticket? Do I pay the light bill or do I pay this ticket? It sucks, you know. For every time you make a little bitty
mistake for there to be a dollar sign attached to it. Whenever you wake up in
the morning and you know there’s a possibility of getting your car towed, you feel like a criminal You feel like a piece of yourself is gonna be gone. You know, because yes it’s just a car But it’s my car.