isn’t aunty anna of lloyd blank fine who courses the uh… c_e_o_ and chairman of goldman sachs you remember goldman
sachs they’re the ones who just coincidently
because all of their bodies were in the government uh… when the uh… banks crashed came out doing quite well for themselves uh… here’s our audio of him on what is
this uh… sixty minutes the other night scott pally some c_b_s_ yeah yet he was scott dot one of those new
shows taking a break from doing god’s work yes here it is the subject that politicians don’t want to talk
about you’re going to have to undoubtedly do something to lower
people’s expectations the entitlements and what people think
that they’re going to get because it’s not gonna they’re not gonna get social
security medicare medicine things and you know you can go back and you can
look at the history of these things and social security wasn’t devised to be a system that supported you for a thirty year
retirement after is twenty five-year career so
they’ll be some things that you know the retirement age has to be change maybe
some of the benefits have to defect that may be some of the inflation adjustments
have to be revised on another person first off pulleys it that’s working for twenty
twenty-five years and then retiring for thirty years the only give the only the only people that i’ve heard about it
the one that will get to get a pension after tat twenty twenty five years are cops in firefighters they’ll get their soc kerry taylor sixty
five sixty six sixty seven depending on when when they’re gonna retire anyways the justice are he’s lying you have to lower people’s expectations over fifty percent of americans relies
on so security for fifty percent of their income in retirement so you’re
talking in advance of fourteen hundred dollars a month so this millionaire who’s bag was bailed
out by the united states government is saying that these people here are the
expectations that you’re gonna have let you know two thousand bucks a month senior citizen to live off of a legal
lower people’s expectations in that way took to retire at a twenty five-year
career and be ready for some security when you retire that means you started
your career something forty-something within his
older let’s just absurd he’s lying entitlements have to be slow down and
contained because we can’t afford them going for we cause we can afford them
yeah it’s a complete lati you know every which person who is a
deck is coming out of the word work now because they see this is an opportunity this whole potential for grand bargain as an opportunity cut social insurance programs like social
garrity medicare opportunities are just don’t come around
too often for them so they’re really really doing their best to take it what effect there’s nothing to do with the deficit b we don’t want to close the deficit wanna spend more time of uh… of of decreased that demand and the private sector uh… all i can say is lloyd after out