and factor i think twenty twelve if
democrats wanted well uh… proctor the past about the
stunning success of g_m_ posting uh… profits now for i think three quarters in a row all the jobs that were saved their
hiring more people and now chrysler is going to be paying back their seven eight billion dollar loan seven point six billion dollar federal
loan years early redemptive jacket and why does that make a difference
because listen to some of these republicans is a uh… d_n_c_ video there’s an excerpt from it these republicans back when this is
being proposed listen to the apocalyptic that these guys have back when the idea that these loans
would go to kreitzer the idea that we would by a part of g_m_ which much of it has been sold off now listen to this price of the auto industry in what
should be done there the should the federal government
bailout the modeling industry mit romney former massachusetts governor
and former republican candidate for president says absolutely not question
but that if he does write a check that you’re going to see these companies go
out of business ultimately what you said quote general motors ford and chrysler
get the bailout that their chief executives ask for yesterday you can’t just the american automotive
industry goodbye if you write a check they’re going to go on a business why
can’t they get along if that’s what they’re seeking landed sector mr speaker
at the most radical president on american history piling that’s clearly
true look at what they did with promoters in chrysler reminds us that
very slow or does it end with next that is nice and the small business in the concerts this slippery slope i don’t
know why for them to after eleven will be some sort of pre structured chapter
eleven would be appalled bible alternative rather than the taxpayers
bailed them out i love hearing our committee said what
about my uh… the small business at each of what they actually that i think
you can get small business loans uh… from the government decide from that i like elect the guy who says look what happened with chrysler okay that’s that’s what i did not want exactly that’s newt gingrich so these republicans once again their
ideologies of them and i don’t know why we don’t hear more
about this frankly from the white house i don’t know why we don’t have a wide
and i guess obama’s probably saving this uh… it why not wait freer sixty eight months and uh… go in visit some chrysler plant that is booming at some g_m_ plant i
think you’re gonna see a lot of the