We all know someone who’s been battling
addiction. When they wind up homeless that’s usually it but for Grant Denton
he found purpose. Every once in awhile I can taste just based on what I remember
do you know and like you like go to navigate your brain through these things
you know you’ll remember that taste you’d be like you’ll be there it’s weird I’m so glad you’re here and not there
yeah it’s a it’s a whole different okay anybody like oh yeah so I think like so there
was one time that and I was just talking to something about it today like I
almost killed my son. So when Roman was Roman was born he
had a he had cocaine in his stool cause we were acting we smoking crack so my son
was born crack baby and then and then about he was like 6 years old I was
going to, she wouldn’t she would let me pick them up from the daycare and take
him into the house and the daycare was right next to the house but in order to see my
kids I had to get super high well as high as I could so that I could maintain
some level of normalcy like you don’t know what normal is when you’re a drug
addict and so like I wouldn’t shoot a little heroin and meth and I would bring
alcohol with me and I think this time when I picked him up I was about uh
maybe 7 days up on the streets and then I passed out because I wasn’t allowed in
their complex because I am I had burglarized a couple houses in there I
caught a couple cases and and I wasn’t I was 86 from this housing complex so I
was waiting outside for him and I don’t know how long later but I was being
sternum rubbed somebody was stirring it was the medic was sturnuum rubbing my
because I fell out and my at Roman had wandered him onto Boulder Highway and
almost caused an accident because he almost got killed
and I remember seeing they had Roman over there and I’m like what the fuck
and I’m on the ground and I had warrants the police were showing up they like
what’s your name what’s your name what’s your name your name I’ll link right hold
on hold on hold on hold on let me let me get tonight and I had to run leave my
son yeah so from there to here and your and the kids now like how they have
their fucking great but they do they have recollection oh yeah oh yeah and
they do they go to therapy or anything only
time they they know now that their dad is stable I think that them seeing me
climb is, is an advantage to see like where it was what it used to be in
because back then that’s what that’s what it wasn’t it they know dad showed
up everyone all the backpack dad was always because I was in if you’re I was
both in the spectrum I was either like really sick and being felt sick or I was
just like super high fucking overdoing shit just this you know and an
over energy and and boom and then then you wouldn’t see me for months you know
so that to them was like normal and then and then when dad starts hanging out
more because they didn’t I was never bad to him yeah bad that I just wasn’t
present person maybe even worse I don’t know tell me how you decided to start
the Karma boxes. I was doing a program with the life change center that was
designed to get recovering addicts integrated back into the community I
know this I know that when you’re when you’re addicted to you addicted to drugs
a lot of time to sustain that lifestyle you have to you have to engage in
criminal behavior that’s just sometimes what it is and for and for for me and a
lot of other people that are that are on the streets that’s what that we had to
do and then and then we’re expected to you know you stop doing drugs and then
you’re expected to integrate back into this community and it’s not it’s not
easy it’s to integrate back into the community uses steal from or commit
crimes against and and so the best way to do that is to is to give back to give
and give and give and do what you can like volunteer and and help as much as
you can because we kind of owe it that make sense yeah so so like the thing
about it is is that like I didn’t the idea wasn’t because I remember what it
was like to have without having without is like a normal thing
not having is normal does that make sense and so like I don’t
remember like really thinking man I wish I had this I had this like I just you
know what you got if you come across some socks cool and you know does that
make sense and like you’re its survival in survival mechanism I wouldn’t so yeah
you’re in a different frame of mind like I didn’t realize how bad my condition
was I was homeless that like like part of my gig was and different people do
different things but part of my gig was is that I would I will pull necks
everyone’s tomorrow I would rob people or rob stores or do something everyone
once in a while and then you come up and when you come up and you would get a hotel room
for a little while you’d buy a bunch of dope and then you get caught up in a
weird cycle again then you’d be destitute forever for a couple of months
and then someone to come around and you can rob something would happen and you
would like it was a it’s just this criminal lifestyle and some people you
would rob one week and be hanging out with him with two weeks later it’s crazy
right but um but that’s but that’s like that’s how it was you’re in this
survival mode and you’re not like he doesn’t like seem like it’s bad like
there was when I was walking around with the backs of my shoes cut out that
wasn’t weird to me that was just that was just what it was
you know you do so much now with youth and you have really started really
focusing on that do you feel like that that is you have kids you know that
they’ve seen you at your worst yeah is it more because you want them to know
not even to go down that road here’s the here’s the thing is like a lot of kids
and I’ve learned this through speaking with Brian Williams and Think Kindness is a
lot of kids are going through some stuff right now and they don’t realize how bad
it is and they still you can still motivate them you can still their still
optimistic about stuff like I remember when I was a kid a lot of bad things
were happening but um but I was still able to be motivated and optimistic and
still be able to dream like those kids can still be able to to dream and I know
like if you can yeah there’s a lot of bad things happening and yeah we have to
identify and and process those things but but I think
in addition to that there still needs to be this optimistic push that like things
aren’t so bad things can get better and and and that’s it and that’s that’s why there’s a hard focus on
kids I think that you and I have had these just made every time I’m with you
I feel so like like you just have this electric personality about yourself but
you also like you’re talking about give and give and give you give and give and
give do you feel like yourself enough for you I mean are you self-care still
are you involved because it seems important that I see you as stable in
your recovery year you’re dedicated to the community you’re out there helping
helping the homeless are there times when it’s just like well I got to take a
minute back and focus on Grant absolutely like but I but I think
there’s a what’s gonna are however like this um so if you if you look at like if
it’s if you believe in this universal law right that that whatever you put out
comes back to you and if I spent this much of my my life from my timeline
taking and taking and taking then in order for me to be balanced at the end I
I have to give so that has to be part of my identity and you have to do things
and that has to be part of who you are and so it’s not like it’s a thing that’s
outside of me it’s just something that you you must do these things so some
people you know some people have to do other things in order to be who they are
and I feel that way like I feel like I have to tell your story or the next
stage story of this individual because I feel for me I’ve gained so much from
listening and to other people’s stories other people’s struggles other other
people’s passions how they were able to reach those passions it’s for me I
gained so much from sitting here with you and
sitting – what you’ve done in your life that’s how I feel that I have I have
this way to get the information out I want people to know you the way I know
you I want people to see what you’ve done for the community the giving that
you have done for the community for the Karma box project reaching out to the
youth speaking about where you’ve been I think that you have shown people who are
the lowest of their low that you can pull yourself out can you specifically
think of the that exact moment when you were like I’m done I want to get clean
and I want to be the Grant that I am today was it one moment well it’s one
it’s a catalyst that reminds you of all of the things where you’re like wait a
minute this is what I need to be doing there
was um like because there’s things that I did I remember now like years ago
before I recovered or even thought about recovery I went into a detox and a lady
touched my hand and was just so nice to me and I was like wow that’s awesome she
was so nice and I’ll never forget that then there was a guy one time that told
me he’s like man you gotta you gotta start challenging yourself
I didn’t recover after that but it was like a series of things they can you
know the lady being nice to me what that meant to me like and then the guy
touching or the guy telling me you know dude you got to challenge yourself he
was actually I was smoking and he was like something about you know quitting
smoke and he was like that’s 20/20 opportunities a day to challenge
yourself you know pack of cigarette but like so then in every morning today when
I to this day when the alarm goes off and then you don’t want to hit it like
dude I got a challenge my so you got to challenge yourself but it so it’s a
series of things that that are said to you and
and then one day you just remember all of them and it was when my granny wrote
me a letter last time I was locked up I was facing five to seven years in prison
for burglaries and all these crimes related to related to drug use no no no
drug charges but crimes that are and most of those have those that are
related to drug use and I am in my granny wrote me a letter that says that
she can’t support my lifestyle any more than she was done I was like what
and it’s swiped that net right out from underneath me what I just you know how
much I love you you know I just adore you and I just I feel like we’re so
blessed to have you in our community and if you aren’t an example of someone that
can pick themselves up and change their life I mean I just I feel like you’re
like the poster child you can do this like you got this if there was one thing
that you could say to someone who is homeless in the midst of addiction right
now what would you say to them so like it is not like that’s not the end all
right like we have to know that that’s part of our story that’s our gig right
that’s part of the story and this you can use this homeless and drug addicted
and lower than you’ve ever been thing to your advantage most people don’t get
an opportunity and I say opportunity I mean it like most people don’t get an
opportunity to lose everything and have a piece of their soul taken and and be
be a homeless drug addict and like most people don’t don’t have that opportunity
but it takes to climb out of that will make you so much
better than you you could ever imagine most you know if there’s like you know
you go about the conventional ways of living you know and and that takes I get
it it’s that’s it takes a lot more to become great when you’ve had everything
taken from you and so if you look at what it’s going to
take to become the best version of you then the night we’re blessed like I
don’t I don’t did I say that right does that make sense but I think that it’s a
it’s it’s a there’s a value in losing everything and getting it value so that
you can be the great Grant that you are yeah what do you what I learned all this
year especially we’re so lucky to have Grant Denton in our community. He brings
purpose and good karma it’s not just like you guys are gonna give give
somebody one thing today and that’s gonna get as long as this boxes here
people are gonna continue to keep giving and getting things if you guys just set
a platform most people just need a platform you guys just made a platform
for other people to give back it’s not just about us right
other people can ride by to go to the bank and be like ah we can’t give
somebody something what a great place right let’s keep the legacy going
remember karma always comes back around fill a karma box today and you’ll know
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