It′s time for a look at what′s making
headlines around the world, with our Kwon Soa at the Newscenter.
Soa, let′s start with the Greece debt crisis… we′ve been talking about the bailout
referendum throughout the week… and now the vote is just around the corner.
Yes, Greeks have not much time to decide, as the vote is planned for Sunday,… but,
it′s still not a one hundred percent set. There are still chances of a delay, as Greece′s
top court needs to give the greenlight for the vote,… as some human rights bodies
say it ″falls short of international standards.″ Understandably so,… as the referendum
comes at very short notice… so as of now… how is the vote predicted to turn out?
That′s a tough question. Earlier this week, polls showed more ′no′
votes,… but the latest results show a tight race.
While the Greek government is going all-out to convince people to vote ′no′,…
some think otherwise. ″I am very worried. But I am optimistic,
I think that at the last moment, everyone is going to vote ″yes.″ It is a difficult
choice to vote ″yes″. Things will not be easy at all. However, I can′t see a
future outside Europe.″ Some are upset about having the vote itself…
… as thousands of people protested in central Athens Thursday in support of the Communist
Party,… which says ′yes′ or ′no′ votes will lead to anti-people measures. ″Next Monday the government will either
clinch a new, a brutal agreement or our exit from the euro will start. Whichever of
the two happens, it is our people who will go bankrupt.″ Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund
released a report that could have a pivotal impact on Greece′s bailout referendum.
It sent a strong message to the eurozone, saying Greece′s debt needs to be ′restructured
and cut′. It says Greece needs between 50 to 60 billion
euros of extra funds over the next three years… and large-scale debt relief to create a
breathing space and stabilize the economy. Eurozone ministers are still ruling out any
bailout talks with Athens until after the referendum.