And turning back to Europe.
Greek officials and EU finance ministers failed to reach an agreement after a crucial meeting
in Brussels on Wednesday. This as Athens is seeking to extend a 240-billion-euro
bailout deal before the deadline at the end of this month
The new leftist Greek government blames the deal for its economic hardship… and is demanding
a reduction of its debt. But Germany, the biggest contributor to Greece′s
bailout,… is not willing to give in unless sufficient conditions are met.
Eurogroup Chairman… Jeroen Dijsselbloem… said more time was needed. “We discussed the possibility of an extension,
for some that was clear that that is the preferred option but we haven′t quite come to that
conclusion as yet. The institutions have made quite clear that they stand ready to work
with the Greek authorities, but it needs a political conclusion first for the institutions
to start that kind of work.” The negotiating parties have another chance
next Monday to try and hammer out a potential deal… before Greece runs out of time with
its European creditors. Meanwhile in Athens, thousands rallied in
front of the Greek parliament in support of the government′s anti-austerity stance.