And for the top international news headlines…
we now connect to Lee Sun-ho in the News Center.
Our focus today: Greece at last… gets its bailout deal with the eurozone, but
large tasks remain,… a stampede kills dozens in India,… and a NASA spacecraft
makes a historic Pluto flyby. But first, Sun-ho, let′s turn to Greece….
A groundbreaking agreement has been reached, but what lies ahead for the nation′s future?
Greece has escaped, for now,… a potential economic meltdown… after striking a deal
with eurozone leaders…. But Athens still faces a challenging road ahead… as EU finance
ministers now gather in Brussels… to find ways to fund the bailout.
Our Han Da-eun has the details. Finance ministers from the 19-nation currency
union got straight down to business after Monday′s agreement… discussing ways to
finance Greece until the specific terms of a third bailout are finalized.
The president of the Eurogroup says it will take at least one month to settle on the third
bailout program… as the eurozone will have to design a completely new program that calls
for more substance and tougher commitments. ″We have asked the institutions to do that
as quickly as possible but it will probably be closer to four weeks than two weeks,
is my understanding, and so call me an optimist.″ The eurozone ministers ended the meeting without
making much progress,… saying they failed to draw up viable solutions to form a ′bridge
loan′ that would provide short-term liquidity to the debt-ridden country.
Some told reporters that talks on interim loan are proving very difficult as many countries
are reluctant to give Greece money without any conditions.
Securing a ′bridge loan′ is just one of Greece′s problems.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras must push Monday′s deal that includes harsh austerity
measures through the Greek parliament by Wednesday. But he′s already facing stiff opposition;…
even from within his inner circle. ″Yesterday the country′s prime minister
faced a coup. A coup by Germany but also by other countries like the Netherlands, Finland,
and the Baltic states. A coup that reached the point that Greece′s prime minister was
blackmailed with the collapse of the banks and a haircut on deposits.″
Greek banks have been closed for two weeks and a 60 euro per-day limit remains in effect
on ATM withdrawals. The banks are expected to remain shut through
at least Wednesday. Han Da-eun, Arirang News.