Doubts over Greece′s 2-hundred-40 billion
euro bailout package have been renewed. Negotiations between Greece and its creditors
have fallen through for now. Athens is firm that it will no longer deal
with any further austerity measures… while the group of eurozone finance ministers says
otherwise. Song Ji-sun reports.
Talks between Greece and eurozone finance ministers over Athens′ debt crisis broke
down on Monday,… after Greece rejected a proposal for a six-month extension of its
international bailout package,… calling it ′unacceptable.′
Eurozone ministers handed Greece an ultimatum on Monday to request an extension to its debt
bailout program… with the conditions unchanged. “Within that programme a lot of changes are
possible, there is flexibility but the main features of the programme, keeping the budget
on track, reforming the economy have to be maintained. But the first step will be an
extension and the next step is let′s talk about the content of the program but not the
other way around.” The eurogroup added the talks will not resume
unless Athens submits an extension request by Friday.
Greece is seeking to overhaul the terms of the 270-billion U.S. dollar bailout package
that comes attached with strong austerity measures.
“… Let′s find common ground between the two.
That′s what we have been saying from the beginning.
It is not a bluff because it is the only option we have. It is Plan A there is no Plan B.”
Greece reaffirmed that it intends to stay within the eurozone… and that it′s optimistic
the two sides can reach an agreement before the package expires.
The program ends on the last day of February. If it does,… Greece′s coffers will likely
run dry. Song Ji-sun, Arirang News.