There were angry scenes in the Greek parliament
today as measures contained in a bailout deal agreed with the country’s creditors were debated. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is facing
a revolt from inside his own party on the deal, today losing his deputy finance minister. But it was a member of the extreme far-right
Golden Dawn party who provided the most dramatic moment of the day, tearing up the pages of
the bailout deal. “What are these 50 billion euros? What are
you going to sell? Syriza’s headquarters? The 50 billion are for the hydrocarbons, our
national treasures, our natural gas that the Germans want, but they won’t get anything
from Greece. These disgraceful bailouts, these hateful
bailouts that the Greek people said no to, will send you and your policies to the dustbin
of history.” The MP has an interesting past. Recently released from pre-trial custody,
he’s accused along with his party leader and dozens of other members being part of
a criminal gang linked with a string of attacks and the death of Greek rapper Pavlos Fissas. The politicians deny the charges. Kasidiaris gained notoriety in 2012 when he
repeatedly slapped a female Communist party lawmaker on a morning news television show.