Greece′s parliament has thrown its support
behind the government′s latest proposals aimed at ending the country′s debt crisis.
After a late night session that went into the early hours of Saturday morning,…
two-hundred-50 MPs… out of the three-hundred in parliament… gave the government a mandate
to negotiate a third bailout with its international creditors.
The package includes harsh austerity measures,… but also financing for the next three years,
plans for growth and possible debt restructuring. However, several key MPs from the ruling
Syriza Party withheld their support in protest at the austerity measures contained in the
new package. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is asking
creditors for 53-and-a-half billion euros to cover Greece′s debts until 2018.
The proposals will now be studied by eurozone finance ministers for approval…. ahead of
an emergency EU summit in Brussels on Sunday.