Thank you! Gracias! Thank you! Without CoEd so many of these students so many of these students wouldn’t get past the first grade those that would would maybe would be able to memorize something that would last until the test and then would be hopeless
when they got out in to the real world they would be working out in the fields, they would be living
the same lives or worse than what their parents had with our programs we’re able to really transform their lives and hopefully make Guatemala a better country. My name is Maria and I’m studying in the Universidad Del Valle And thank you to God and to CoEd My name is Lesly Patzan, I’m 19 years old My name is Juan Tacaxoy and I have the opportunity
to study in the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala I didn’t think I’d be able to study
or get to where I am today You are people that God sent to earth and
people like this are hard to find If it wasn’t for the CoEd scholarship, I would have
been working, and I wouldn’t have accomplished my dream and what is your dream? My dream is to be a nurse, and
thanks to God, I am a nurse. A huge thanks for having a heart so kind and sincere because you’re supporting people that you don’t even know, but someday you may meet CoEd has been like my second family because
they have seen me accomplish my dreams Thanks to them I’ve been able to carry
out my dreams and I’m very happy the joy on their faces when they see
these books, when they see the materials when they first lay their hands on a computer the appreciation that they feel for the education it’s so inspiring and so humbling to see
how much they appreciate every little thing We are so grateful to you for putting the smiles on these children’s faces Gracias! Gracias! Thank you! Gracias! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you CoEd I love you!