What’s up guys it’s Guerrilla Mike we
talk about some things that’s going on a new some of the headlines going on news
today is June 25th it’s Tuesday so hope you enjoy your week hope your Monday
went well anyway get right to the headlines so Bernie Sanders the Bern
started his uh you know his presidential campaign its bid so he just proposed a
1.6 trillion dollar student debt relief for 45 million Americans that are in
student that have student debt right so how does he plan to do this basically
gonna put up new tax on Wall Street and pay for a cancel all student death that
it’s a great idea how we gonna do it though how are you gonna get it done
that’s different you know that’s of course the situation there the problem
that you cannot to figure out of course he wants to tax Wall Street in order to
sort of bailout according to him bailout the Millennials and the working class
working class folks I think it’s a great idea I think when you strapped a kid to
a student debt as soon as they leave college how come they ever you know it’s
like slavery as soon as they leave no matter how hard they work no matter what
job they get they’re always gonna have to be paying back to that debt you know
so it’s it’s a good idea for you know for people that are working getting out
of school getting out of college to not have to worry about that debt right so
now they can just put all that money back into just building themselves
building the family building the you know the country and stop paying these
creditors off it’s a it’s a predatory technique the student debt stuff right
so he in addition to what in addition to canceling 1.6 trillion in existing
student that he also plans on making all public institutions a tuition free right
so I guess state colleges and community colleges will be will be a will be a you
know free tuition for kids wanting to apply for student loan
he’s proposing that the government is the one to to give those loans so then
your agreement is with the government and that loan could be forgiven by the
government so I think it’s a great idea I don’t only one thing I don’t agree
with it I don’t think that everybody’s student there should be a grace I think
there’s a lot of people out there that that you know come from wealthy families
that could have that can afford to pay their student debt so that’s the only
thing that I would see that with that I would probably make a correction he’s
gonna have a lot of people saying he can’t do it we’re gonna get the money
from one way of reducing the cost is to sort of like you know put some rules of
eligibility if your household is making let’s say a certain you know let’s say
your combined household income is less than two hundred fifty thousand maybe
then you don’t you know that’s when your that is forgiven so there’s some
fine-tuning to be going on but I think it’s a great I did Bernie I think I
don’t know well you know burnings the Social Democrats and he’s going to uh
you know he’s going to a lot of these ideas in terms of you know healthcare
for everyone education for everyone and I agree with
it but it’s just about how to get it done right so you know it’s gonna be a
very interesting election coming up everybody’s putting on their you know
putting down their platforms it’s gonna be a crowded field for Democrats let’s
not talk about what’s going on inside with the Republicans let’s just talk
about a Democrats for a second so we got Biden I’m sort of like a supporting of
supporting Biden right now in the preliminary rounds cuz I think he’s it’s
the best suited to you know defeat Trump and of course he comes from Obama’s team
so I think you’ll be able to continue a lot of things rebuild a lot of things
that Trump destroyed when he took over for mom from Obama
so I’m supporting Biden right now but of course I think you know Bernie has a lot
of great ideas my heart is with Bernie my my mind is with with with Joe so
let’s see how it goes you know student debt it’s something that all of us have
to deal with and it’s something that I think the government needs to take care
of you can’t you can’t burden kids entering the workforce with existing
debt right you should be able to enter the workforce with a clean slate and be
able to build your foundation build your life off a clean slate right so Bernie
brilliant idea I mean I think it’s great ideas I don’t know how you’re gonna get
it done the technicalities but I think it’s great ideas long overdue
you know student debt needs it’s a problem it’s a cancer in the United
States with a lot of kids just not able to afford simple things guys gotta pay
the student debt right so good luck with your proposal Bernie I got your back I’m
supportive of you I just want to see how you gonna get it done okay next thing
that’s in the news you don’t mean um we had the big NBA Awards happened tonight
and then last week of course we had the NBA Draft so let’s talk about a draft
for a second before we get to the NBA Awards and some of the regular season
awards you know everybody’s hyped up for Zion Williamson I really never saw the
kid play I saw him you know highlights of course on SportsCenter and on you
know YouTube and stuff like that but I never I never saw the kid talk right so
draft night was the first night I really hurt you know saw him talk and saw him
be himself and show his personality and then of course after that he had a lot
of interview so I really have a chance to really see his personality and kind
of get an idea for his spirit and his energy and amen I’m in love with the kid
man everything everything everybody’s saying about him yeah forget it forget
about his game his game is solid right it was just devastating to do but this
kid is just it’s just a nice kid man he’s just like full of personality and
he’s easy you can tell he’s a little bit shy breaking out of his shell but it’s a
lot he’s got to offer and you know I really think that he’s is he shows a lot
of maturity he’s got his you know he come from a good background his mom is
stepdad really took care of him and I really put you know things right in his
head um he’s focused on his game you know he’s a defensive juggernaut
he’s offensive juggernaut so I’m really looking forward to what he’s gonna do on
both sides at both sides of the ball went to New Orleans so I think you’re
gonna really build me up to build of course with Alonso and I don’t know but
Ingram they might even have to get rid of Ingram but of course Holliday
Lonzo running that run and the point of course you know Zion Williamson doing
his thing I think it’s gonna be a great exciting team I love to see Lonzo get
down you know get into open court and throw in some lobs Ettore some alley-oop
and shit like that so no one is looking good for this year you know they they
have to get rid of ad but that’s okay you know that’s how things are they got
a great coach they got a great young core they’re able to sort of build that
team in in a customized way you know offense
offense offense run run run so I’m looking forward to them xylem Williamson
like I said I think the kid has a tremendous talent on both sides of the
ball more importantly for me looking at his personality I mean he just came off
like just just a cool kid to be around just a nice humble kid beautiful smile
on his face really you know like it’s like a breath of fresh air it’s like
he’s not into like you know I don’t sense that he’s into all of this stuff
that some of these young kids are into like you know money and cars and flash
and jewelry not the tape man those things will come take care of your game
get better at your game you just got out of college you’re just about to turn 19
you’re still 18 so you got the world ahead of you right
so that’s giant looking forward for great things from him it’s just the
beginning so yeah so going so he’s the rookie number one draft pick this year
going back last year but boy Luka Don chick won Rookie of the Year this year
there was no doubt about it in my mind I would have picked him first pick last
year for the draft you know you went to the Mavs but man this kid is amazing man
he of course if you don’t know the background this kid from Europe he’s
from Europe played was playing professional ball in Europe since he was
like 14 15 years old right so he’s been around grown grown men grown-ass man he
been around grown-ass man his whole life playing in Europe winning awards
dominating that league at 18 17 18 19 now he came to the NBA I don’t know why
didn’t take him first pick right went to the mask put that that I mean he was
just and say the kid is like of course I don’t want to compare him because of the
same color of skin white but he just reminds me of he’s got that Larry Bird
type of you know he’s not necessarily the most athletic per se but he’s just a
spot-up shooter he’s got that he’s got the form he’s got everything he’s got
control of the ball he’s he’s Savi’s got that that high basketball IQ he sees the
court he’s thrown great passes he’s making amazing different shots he’s got
different types of shots in his in his tool kit so you know I think it’s just a
future for just a beginning for Luca he’s definitely one of my favorite
players now it’s gonna be one of my favorite players going ahead can’t wait
to see what he’s gonna do in a sophomore year with a better team they’re gonna
build around so look uh congratulations on Rookie of
the Year well-deserved man I don’t think I think you were far and ahead above
everybody else you got 98 percent of the votes so you know everybody thought as I
did that you deserved it so congratulations man can’t see what you
can’t wait to see what you gonna do next year and its really good for I think is
the first foreign-born player to win Rookie of the Year so I think it’s the
beginning of a trend and you know the Americans gotta keep up right so look up
congratulations and then um you know Janice yeah and
it’s just one MVP over James Harden I thought it was a good call again I was I
was always gonna support Yanis Harden who has never been one of my favorite
players I mean I love this game in the sense that he’s our offensive juggernaut
but he’s selfish he doesn’t play defense so I can’t you don’t have the heart of a
fireman you don’t have the heart of a lion you know warrior you just go out
there you get you you take care of yourself right so it’s like I never
really was a big fan of his game per se like you know in terms of how it’s gonna
build a championship team and I was gonna feed his teammates and make his
teammates better so I don’t you know I really don’t understand you know where
the Rockets are going with with their offense everything cannot resolve around
Harden things have to change but going back to Yanis I had a tremendous year
man he’s definitely the future you know he’s he’s he’s got everything going on
for him defense offense he’s gotta get on his you know got it working his
jumper just get his outside game going and then he’ll be unstoppable but I love
to see him play I love his he’s a warrior
I love his heart I love his energy and I love to see him compete so he had a
disappointed Eastern Conference Finals this year against you know Toronto
didn’t work out as well as he hoped but it’s just beginning these guys came out
of nowhere this year Milwaukee they had a good team coach of the year I think
culturally eras gonna he’s gonna get coach of the year so you know this is a
beginning for Yanis there’s a lot you can adjust break out win MVP and win a
championship in your first year so this is the beginning
so congratulations the MVP award I think it’s well deserved once again another I
think the I don’t know if there’s the first foreign-born but another
foreign-born MVP so we got the foreign-born rookie
year we got the foreign-born MVP so you know it was a great scene
got a chance to see a lot of it I was rooting for Golden State that’s my team
Steph Cory’s my favorite player you know they had injuries this year so
they went down they lost I’m still back in them next year
Steph alone we’re gonna do it congratulations in Toronto we had a
great 2018-2019 and a NBA season so I can’t wait I’ll be chomping at the
bits could be looking at some summer league basketball keeping up on all the
news all the Bowens and happiness and transparent free agency it’s gonna start
in a couple of days and a few days so it’s excited about that so it’s gonna be
some good things this summer in basketball hopefully when the season
starts in November we got a different landscape we’ve got people in different
places and we ready for some some high college basketball love to see how the
game is going the game is progressing and you know Congrats to all the winners
at the NBA award show and congrats of course to Zion Zion for
getting the first pick and congrats to everybody okay okay
the last I want to talk about what’s going on in cultural news cultural news
so this is something when I went to Korea I was in Korea in May visiting a
very old friend of mine one of my oldest closest friends and his kids his boys
three boys and I got introduced to a song old country road by NAS X little
NAS X and Billy Ray Cyrus right so I never heard it before I wasn’t there you
know the kids the kids are playing it and you know I’m learning and I’m
hearing this song and it’s like it got so catchy and I fell in love with this
song right and it’s like I’m in Korea I’m listening I’m learning and I’m
analyzing in my head it’s like man this is this is like country music and
hip-hop this is the first really like it was like you know when when Run DMC and
Aerosmith did walk walk this way it’s like it was that that breakout hit that
really joined the world of rock and hip-hop but that’s what hip-hop which is
coming up right so you know I grew up in the 80s and 90s so I was there when
hip-hop was just you know starting there people who people there wasn’t a lot of
naysayers right oh this music is bullshit it’s not going anywhere
that in there and now hip-hop conquer the world and now you hear this song
this is a phenomenon of this song old country or old town road and she’s
playing it at kids schools and they’re going crazy he’s playing in concerts and
they’re going crazy and what I love to see is of course it is the symbolism of
little now as a black man a young black man and Billy Ray Cyrus old
country-western singer and they join together and they have this unity in a
song it’s bringing people together it’s like no matter if you’re black or you
quite a few Hispanic or you’re Muslim or whatever if you love culture music and
you hear this song come on at the club or in a radio station or anywhere it’s
catchy it’s it’s it’s it’s you know it’s something that everybody can enjoy and
that’s what I really want to say about the this culture you know of course BT
war just happened this week so yeah they had a big performance there so you know
I remember when I was into the song and other people this isn’t made people
didn’t people in you know black people that I you know my friends and other
people minority in the States didn’t even know the song right I have to
introduce them to the song and of course now is the top of the charts you know
number one video number one song in the country so you know it’s a phenomenon
that I saw it when it was happening I said man this is gonna take over this is
this not just the catchiness said some about what it symbolizes right it’s
country western means hip-hop right so that’s what I want to talk about this
song the cultural phenomena bit so because we live in a world right now
especially the US where you know it’s black against white it’s a lot of
division it’s a lot of you know it’s like almost like we went back 50 years
100 years right so songs like this is gonna help us bridge those gaps between
cultures between white culture and black culture whatever right young people and
old people because when you see the music being played is the young kid the
white young kids that are playing and jumping up but they don’t see the Kochs
skin color they don’t see that this is hip-hop and country music they love the
art and the music and that’s that’s what I want to say about like the ultimate
power of art and music and culture is that it breaks down walls man you have
the old people in the back they got they got they’re holding a flag they’re gonna
do whatever they want they you know they they got their own mentality but the
young kids coming up is the culture that’s gonna break down those walls and
teach those kids so it’s like little nas X Billy Ray stylist Bucyrus old town
road ripping up the country but more importantly is breaking down barriers
it’s teaching the world that hip-hop and country music these two symbols of two
opposing identities of America are able to come together in win awards
time to the top of the charts set the world on fire in terms of dance and
everything and it’s like it’s such a beautiful thing to see and such a
beautiful thing to watch so congratulations to so little nas X and
Billy Ray Cyrus I have number one song in the country and for like helping
people get together and it just enjoy life and enjoy being who they are
right so that’s about it for gorilla mic man I just want to talk I wanted to talk
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