My name is Hans Rizarri. I am a partner
in Corporate Recovery and Turnaround. I have been a Licensed Insolvency
Trustee for more than 18 years. Clients can expect me to deliver some clarity in the difficulties they face. The world of debt restructuring and turnaround are
often new to business owners and individuals. What we do is give clients
clear and concise answers so they can take that away and help them make the
right decision. One of my favorite quotes is that “Great businesses are not accomplished by one person. Great businesses are accomplished by a team of people.” It is through the experience, through my 18 plus years of experience,
that when you do debt restructuring and turnaround, it requires not just the
individual or the one business owner, it requires a group of people to work
together to get to the end goal. The best part of the job is helping
business owners and individuals go through the difficulties that they’re
facing. Oftentimes I see them, they’re down-and-out and they’re stuck in
indecision and we help clear things up for them and they go on and make the
right decision and we get great satisfaction from that.