Thank you. Good evening, Dean Mogulescu, distinguished
facility, guests, families, friends, and, most importantly, to the graduating class
of 2019. I’m going to say I’m one of you too. I took a class in SPS this semester. And I’m graduating at City College so I think
I’m one of you. Graduates, congratulations to all of you on
behalf of the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York. I am honored to celebrate your academic achievements
at CUNY School of Professional Studies. You are the pride of CUNY and the pride of
New York. While there are lots of commencements happening
across the country. As you can tell from Facebook, New York Times,
anywehere. There’a lot of graduations happening. But you will recognize very soon that a lot
of them are celebrating traditional age students that went from high school to college. But today, at Lincoln Center, we are celebrating
some of the most tenacious and strong adult students of this country. To be able to graduate from CUNY SPS, sustain
a family, earn a living; things many of your peers have done simultaneously, takes a lot
of grit is a huge badge of honor demonstrating your agility, your drive and your achievement. You are at a starting point of the next chapter
of your lives. And as you look into the future, my advise
to you is to never let anyone say you can’t. Wether it’s an industry, a job that you dream
of, and advanced degree, a PHD; Yes, you can. A job peaks your interest? Apply. Yes, you can. You look at a Masters’ program. You think you’re not ready? You are ready. Yes, you can. It’s simple: Yes, you can. CUNY SPS. Yes, you can! Not Obama. That’s yes WE can. This is yes YOU can. But similarly, use your voice to make the
world a better place. We need you Class of 2019 now
more than ever before. Engage in your communities. Speak up for those who cannot. Serve your city and your fellow New Yorkers
with pride and integrity. On behalf of all of us at CUNY, I extend my
very best wishes for a bright and successful future and good luck. Congratulations Class of 2019.
We out!