hello and welcome to ePIG men’s handbag, backpack or vehicle organizer? why not all in one package: the Helikon Bail Out Bag the somewhat unusual form is due to the function because the backpack has to serve as an all-rounder, i.e. a backpack, handbag and vehicle organizer that’s why we have this slightly stiff unusual shape on the front sits the handbag itself above is a slot for three rifle magazines the inside is lined with Velcro magazines or holsters can be attached there the outside can be folded down or folded inwards when you have to get to the holster the bag can be attached to the backpack with g-hooks here you can see the magazine inserts on the backside AK and AR15 magazines fit, G36 doesn’t fit If I want to use this as a bag, I’ll open the straps expand this then I have a tab where I can mount the g-hook from the opposite side thats it for the waist strap same thing on the upper strap then You can wear it like this the back is covered with mesh we do not have a waist strap it doesn’t make sense in this case if You want to have a waist belt, You have taps to hook in at least The Shoulder straps are flat, but wide and build to transfer the load well we do have a chest strap, D-Rings and elastic loops for hydration hoses there are handles on top and on both sides for lifting, carrying or holding the sides have a big elastic Pouch for bottles small Nalgene’s fits perfect, big ones will fit too but will stick out a little Frontside has two additional pouches there is a deep pouch which is al ittle stiff so perfect for documents an on the top area, there is another Pouch with is made of elastic fabric – so You can throw in bigger items the pack is designed to open complete (clampshell design) and will expose it’s secrets Looks like a tool bench thats for using it in the car as seat organizer for that You only have to unfold the sides and like this, I have a panel for the car You will now ask yourself – whats with the rest of the pack? You just fold it to the back then You have a strap (i will turn around so You can see) with this strap You can attach the remaining parts of the pack prepared like this, You can attach it to the seat on the headrest and around the seat the upper portion is covered with three rows of MOLLE You can use it for small items like I did or attach additional MOLLE-pouches below, there are four mesh pouches in the middle, there are two with zippers perfect for survival gear both sides have big open top mesh Pouches, which can be closed with a pull leash Good for waterbottles or radios that’s not all there is another zipper inside we have a nice seat pad that’s cool The front panel has a small mesh Pouch on the inner side this is accessible in backpack mode from the top then You only have to open the top, take out items like gloves for example close everything, good to go to transform back to backpack put in the seat pad this will give a little stiffness close the zipper secure the pouches so nothing can get out Now You can use the strap which is made for the seat to tighten the pack-sides together this will force the pack shape that makes absolutly sense especially when the pouches are packed by the way a smart Details: all straps can be rolled up and secured with Velcro tabs now You see the pack gets shape Close the flap, close the zippers close the top and the car-panel transformed to a backpack thats perfect as a range-pack is it cool or is it cool? i like it much even with the strange shape it absolutly makes sense because the combination of different elements we forgot the man-bag here it is with bag installed, it Looks cool if You don’t carry magazines, it Looks civilian very uncommon for a tactical backpack no MOLLE on the outsides – we like it alot You can get it everywhere where You can buy Helikon below is a link to the manufactures webpage and as Always:like us, subscribe the channel, don’t forget to click the bell so You will be informed about new videos until next time byebye and smile i don’t want to smile hello and welcome to ePIG…..should I say that? NO. Come on, what You see now is advertisment – with that you will pay our salaries now something completely different