Hello, my name is Richard Pérez I am the person organizing this campaign I have a friend whose son is in his last year of studies to become an English teacher, in a Chilean university. He is a very good student, he has good grades and is very well regarded by teachers and his fellow students Next year, in 2020, he will be doing his internship, and then he will get his degree and finally he will end up teaching in a school My friend’s son, due to their vulnerable economy, was studying thanks to a
scholarship paid by the State. Halfway through his studies he fell ill and
couldn’t go on studying. It took him about three years to get over his illness and finally decide to continue his studies. It wasn’t easy, both going through all
the medical treatment, the frustration, the physical and emotional effort, and getting the courage to go back and finish his studies. But his persistence, his love for languages and teaching, was stronger, and not only did he get back in, but he is one of the best students in his class. However, the Chilean State did not want to renew his scholarship, because he took
too long in resuming his career. His father knocked on many doors, but to no avail. Inevitably, he would have to take on the
cost of the tuition fees, all on his own. His family surrendered many basic needs, even not eating at times, to make sure he would continue studying, but their economy inevitably couldn’t cope and debt started increasing. Additionally his father’s job opportunities started failing, and things started getting worse. At the end of 2018, a family member was able to give him a loan so he could renegotiate the debt up to 2018, and with that his son was able to continue studying throughout 2019, but still dragging an increasing debt. This year 2019, he has been able to pay only 3 installments for this year, and half of the debt of the family loan. If he can’t renegotiate the current debt, his son will not be able to continue studying The risk of delaying studies, year after year, is that programs can change and if they change, the student has to take on those new courses and that makes things longer and of course more costly, more debt to add. Considering the current political and economic situation in Chile, my friend believes his situation would not get better, at least not in the short term. On the other hand, he knows he won’t be able to get another loan because his family isn’t rich, and he just doesn’t know what else he can do. For these reasons I’ve created this campaign. I want to ask you to share this campaign as much as you can, and if you can please give some
donation. In the description below I give full details about my friend’s debt, the different milestones or targets we must achieve, and in particular the urgency of this campaign. I also explain below why I won’t mention my friend’s name, his son’s name or further identifying details and I hope you understand. You will also find below my personal and professional details, my online history, my professional background, as the person responsible and accountable for this
campaign, which I hope helps you trust this is a
real and legitimate campaign. I will be updating this campaign as soon as there is any news or progress I believe you might be
interested in, so please keep tuned in. Thanks for your interest in this campaign and please share it as much as you can. Thanks very much