This is Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. An ashram, just outside of Katmandu. It’s surrounded by fields, forests and mountains. This spiritual community, is a non-profit organization, giving a safe home and future to orphans and destitute children. Living here, they are part a big loving family, where everyone helps and cares for each other. The leader of this community, is Swami Ramchandra. He wishes to promote and materialize, the ideology of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. I like their philosophy, so I’m trying to imbibe it, practice it – here into the life. You have to work, in the material world – not to hide, not to run away from the problems, of the world. But you have to face… Thats what Mother and Sri Aurobindos philosophy is. 23 years ago he started building this ashram. Since then he has finished building another one. And a third ashram is still under construction. It all started with one child. And now it is a home to more than 200 children . The community completely provides itself, through it’s own organic farm. They grow their own vegetables and crops. And have more than 50 cows. Any excess of foods are sold to
surrounding villages. Earnings and donations are used to maintain and expand the ashrams facilities. But most importantly: They’re invested in the children and their activities, studies and educations. People come to the ashram, from all over the world, to visit for a few days or weeks. Some even become longtime stayers. All have one thing in common: They are love with this ashram and its beautiful community. Recently the ashram celebrated its 22nd anniversary. The children and youngsters have prepared a program, full of dance, music and other performances. Many people attended to the celebration. Including politicians, neighbors and friends. It was a happy and cheerful day. It’s hard to imagine, that the following day turned out to be
the complete opposite. What started with a peaceful morning
– turned into fear, death and dust! The 25th of April 2015, an earthquake
with a magnitude of 7.8, destroyed historical buildings and ancient temples. It left housings and other buildings
dangerously damaged. Some even in ruins. The death toll has exceeded 7,000 and it’s still rising… At the ashram the buildings were shaking immensely. Hundreds of bricks fell down. It was very lucky that everyone was working outside, away from the buildings. The community is grateful, that no one of their own was physically hurt . But now there are massive damages on the buildings. And some are in desperate need of
restoration or even reconstruction. Swami Ramchandra fears for the safety of his community, as these damages only get worse and even more dangerous. New children have already come to the
ashram, as they have lost their families and
homes the natural catastrophe. In the last two decades this ashram has helped hundreds of people. Now this community needs our help. With a donation, you help the ashram regain safety and bringing children in need under their wings.