when I think about young women today and think about there being Sisters of Mercy I know deep in my heart that if they met us where among us they too would see this as a way of life that would be viable for them the sisters of mercy supported my work with the immigrants in Florida we believe very strongly the scripture from Leviticus 19 33 to 34 asking that we treat the alien in the loving manner and that we treat them as ourselves my name is sister Alicia sapota I’m a Sister of Mercy living outside of Philadelphia for 32 years I worked with the migrant farmworkers in Central Florida the life of the farm workers is very difficult they work from the time the Sun rises until the Sun sets when it is time to harvest a crop they are out there seven days a week for multiple weeks at a time until the crop is harvested I arrived in Florida in 1984 and in 1986 a law was signed by the President to allow farmworkers and others to gain permanent residence the process of immigration is quite daunting and I attended very many workshops to learn the process in order to be of help to the people it was with great joy that I would hand over a permanent resident card to a person or a family in that process I became very close to very many of the families and I am godmother to a number of children I met the Sisters of Mercy when I was in first grade at Saint Patrick’s School on Kent Avenue Brooklyn across the street was the convent a large convent half of the convent housed children ages two to eight that were remanded by the courts from the time I was in sixth grade I would go over to the convent and fold the clothes for the children every Monday I then moved up from folding clothes to answering the phone and the door I would be there on special occasions when the sisters would come for big celebrations and I would see how excited they were to be with each other and the joy that was eminent in in their being present it was at that time that I thought to myself that I too would like to be a sister of mercy you