now everyone has a unique situation or
problem that demands the right attorney that’s why it’s good to remember before you
begin your search that there are different types of lawyers. One lawyer
could help you get a divorce another one can help you file for bankruptcy another
one could help you draw up a will or if you’ve been seriously injured or
mistreated, a civil lawyer can help you file a lawsuit some lawyers handle a
variety of problems others specialize in certain areas of the law. That’s why you want
to ask about similar cases that the lawyer has handled for example if you’re
facing criminal charges a criminal defense lawyer can help you understand
your rights and the strengths and weaknesses of your case a criminal
defense attorney knows the rules and procedures for arguing the case in court
and hiring the right one can make a big difference in whether or not your side
of the story is successfully presented to a judge or jury so focus on lawyers
who practice the kind of law for which you need legal advice we suggest asking
for specific information including each of the following: areas of specialization
and certifications the California State Bar certifies attorneys as specialists
who have gone beyond the standard licensing requirements a lawyer earns
the designation of a certified specialist in their particular area of
law and it helps increase public protection and encourages attorney
competence. Two: years of experience in each law they have practice. There is no
substitute for having real-world experience at every stage of
representing clients in legal matters generally new lawyers are woefully
unprepared to meaningfully represent clients however a lawyer who has
practiced 20 years may have less experience with your type of problem
than a lawyer who is one year out of law school keep that in mind
age may have nothing to do with the lawyers ability to help you third it’s
important to ask about the lawyers current caseload ask the lawyer with all
the other matters they are involved with how much personal attention your case
will receive and this is a big one ask if the lawyer
will handle your case personally or if the lawyer intends to have another
lawyer member of his law firm handle any part of your case if so you may want to
talk to the second lawyer as well next actual trial experience before judges
and juries the most effective lawyers have many years of experience in
representing clients in pre litigation matters they have a wide variety of
creative settlements they’ve been involved with and they’ve conducted both
jury and bench trials in both the state and federal level be advised
many of the top-ranking lawyers that show up on Google have never tried a
case before a judge or jury so ask about trial experience
aggressive and effective representation coupled with thinking outside the box
requires vast experience in many different situations and finally
verdicts and settlements in addition to asking about trial experience inquire
about personal results achieved at trials and settlement negotiations not
from cases they have referred to other lawyers who have actual experience with
that you should be able to gauge how much experience the lawyer has in cases
like yours and more importantly what the outcomes in those cases were at Pride
Legal let us help you make that connection one of our independent
attorneys will be happy to provide you with the free and confidential
consultation by telephone